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Toothbrush Repair

Exercise your Right to Repair here! Below you can see our full range of Toothbrush Repair Guides for various electric toothbrushes. You can use our guides to learn how to repair your electric toothbrush and bring it back to life by replacing its battery, saving it from the landfill. Simply find the Type number or HX number marked on your toothbrush handle and use this to pick the correct guide from the list below.


Toothbrush Repair Guides

To repair toothbrush models not listed above, also see our list of other models with hints on how to open and repair those toothbrushes. We mainly cover models from Braun Oral-B and Philips Sonicare but there are other manufacturers such as Colgate, Omron, IBP, Sonic Plakaway, Elysee Electro and more.


Let us know in the comments section below how your toothbrush repair went!

17 thoughts on “Toothbrush Repair

  1. Glad to find this site. I have an Oral-B/Braun Vitality Sonic 3737 and its NiCad battery is beginning to fail. I’d like to replace it with a new like battery. I have successfully removed the toothbrush from its case. However, the 3737 is constructed differently from any other brush shown in your posted videos. What I need are instructions on the sequence for disassembly, battery replacement, and reassembly. I need to know where to de-solder and re-solder. I also need information on replacement battery specifications including size and power rating and the proper tools to use. Can you help?

    1. Hi Bill, we don’t have a guide for the 3737 Vitality Sonic but battery removal is straightforward:

      • Desolder the two metal battery tag connections from the PCB
      • Unclip the black coil support and gently bend the PCB away from yellow frame a few mm
      • Note polarity of battery. Positive end might be nearest coil
      • Unclip the battery and fold and trim tags on new battery to same shape
      • Clip new battery in place and re-fit PCB
      • Solder new battery tags to PCB

      The replacement battery required will either be a Ni-Cd (original is yellow) or Ni-MH (original is green.)

      1. Thanks very much! Do you sell the NiCad version from your site?

        1. Hi Bill, Yes the NiCad battery is available from our secure online shop here.

          1. Hello. I received the replacement battery yesterday and I installed it today. The toothbrush did not immediately run. Should I expect that an initial charging period is necessary and if so, how long of a charging period is recommended? Thank you.

          2. Hi Bill, sometimes a quick charge for 10 seconds is required to ‘activate’ the toothbrush circuitry after the new battery is fitted, before it will run. Then give it a full 24 hour charge.

  2. Got it working fine! Thanks very much for your assistance!

  3. what about regular battery replacement. Why when I replaced the batteries, it won’t work. Do these brushes only last a limited time?

    1. Hi Blanche, what it the Type number marked on the bottom of your toothbrush? It can probably be repaired.

  4. I have recently replaced the original battery for a Braun Model 3756 with a higher-capacity replacement. As is so typical with many consumer devices, this model is built around the battery and involves substantial disassembly to make the replacement. Nevertheless, although the job was fiddly, the excellent step-by-step and video guides allowed me to give new life to a £50+ toothbrush for less than £10 and a couple of hours of my time. Not only did it give me the satisfaction of having repaired something that would have otherwise probably gone to landfill, but it has also provided me with a higher-performance device that will probably have another 5 years’ life. An excellent service/product from a UK-based small business.

  5. I dropped model 3766 and it would no longer work. It is a new Braun 3766. When I started to disassemble it it started working for just a second then stopped and I no longer can get it to work. Any suggestions as to what point might break and need to be re-soldered?

    1. Start with using a magnifying glass to carefully inspect all the solder joints that are not surface-mount components.

  6. After removing the oral b triumph v1 internals from the case, I seemed to have broken the copper wire that goes to the head of the toothbrush. Is it possible to repair this?

    1. Your v1 Triumph toothbrush might well run correctly with this disconnected. However, you can reconnect it by soldering.

  7. Hey I have a TAO Clean toothbrush, I cant find ANYWHERE on how to repair it and I’m scared to break it down, does anyone else know how to repair it? I am pretty positive that the battery is failing

  8. Instruction of changing battery of Fairywill tooth brush

    1. We haven’t looked at the Fairywill toothbrushes yet, but if you want to email us some close-up photos of your brush, particularly the top without the head, and the base cap, we might be able to suggest how to open it.

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