Ni-MH 49mm x 14mm Braun Toothbrush Battery

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49mm x 14mm NiMH Tagged Electric Toothbrush Battery for Braun Oral-B, Philips Sonicare and Colgate


This is a new replacement battery to fit certain Braun Oral-B, Philips Sonicare, Colgate and other manufacturers’ toothbrushes.

This battery is 49mm long and 14mm diameter. Other lengths and diameters as well as a NiCd version are available from our secure online shop. It is fitted with solder tags ready for you to solder it into your toothbrush and give it a new lease of life.

It is recommended that you open your toothbrush before ordering from us to double-check the measurements of your original battery. See our battery replacement guides section for instructions on replacing your toothbrush battery.

  • Length: 49mm (suitable for replacing 48mm, 49mm, 50mm and 51mm long batteries)
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Chemistry: NiMH
  • Brand: GP Batteries
  • Tagged at both ends for soldering

This battery is the correct replacement for the Braun Oral-B Vitality electric toothbrush (type 3709) and the Vitality Sonic (type 3737) that were fitted with Ni-MH batteries. It can also be used to upgrade the Professional Care and TriZone type 3754 or 3756 models if you make a modification to the battery holder.

This battery also fits various rechargeable shavers, trimmers and hair clippers.

Also replaces certain original batteries of the same dimensions with some of the following markings, and others.

Braun Oral-B battery markings:
Nickel Metal Hydride
HRM 15/51

Not suitable for replacing Li-ion or other Lithium batteries. The fitted solder tags will need trimming with scissors to fit your toothbrush.

18 reviews for Ni-MH 49mm x 14mm Braun Toothbrush Battery

  1. John (verified owner)

    When new, my Braun Professional 1000 toothbrush was good for 10 days useage before needing a recharge. After 3 years regular use it needed a recharge every 3 days which was becoming a bit of a pain. So, seeing the guide on this website, I fitted this battery which was of a greater capacity than the original and the toothbrush now operates for 17 days between recharges. The figures speak for themselves! I’m well pleased.

  2. Gareth Thomas

    7th Feb 2016
    I also went for the larger battery for my Braun, and it has lasted 17 days before recharging whereas before when new, 12 days would see it out. It seems to run slightly faster than I remember, but that could be my memory. So far it looks like this Chinese battery is every bit as good as the Jap original. Time is of course the real test, but it looks promising so far.
    Thoroughly recommend the transplant.

  3. Eric Lawrence (verified owner)

    I placed an order for a replacement battery at 10.44 on Friday, I received an email at 17.01 that my order had been dispatched and I received my order at 10.20 on the Saturday, well done. I followed your instructions for fitting the larger capacity battery to my toothbrush and found them extremely easy to follow. My only comment was that I found that I needed to apply a small amount of flux to the battery terminals to get them to solder to the PCB. I have used the toothbrush for about 70 x 3 minute brushes between recharges.

  4. Jason (verified owner)

    I bought internationally because the price made more sense than Amazon with Prime shipping. Used the instructions here for my Oral B 1000 to put the larger 49mm battery in. The replacement went smoothly and I saved ~$35USD by not buying a new toothbrush. I’m very happy.

  5. David (verified owner)

    Great service. The instructions for what is quite a delicate operation were excellent and the photographs showed you exactly what you needed to know very clearly. Toothbrush goes like the clappers!

  6. John

    Fast delivery and great guide on how to replace battery. It was fiddly but I replaced with larger battery. And it all works fine. Saved me £50 on new toothbrush.

  7. Im

    Thank you so much. The guide was easy to follow and your service fast and efficient.

  8. Robert Baxter

    I’ve restored two Oral B toothbrushes which were down to 2 – 3 days between charges and the results, so far, are spectacular! The online instructions are fantastic.

  9. PKC (verified owner)

    The batteries arrived very quickly, even being shipped across the pond to the US.
    And the on-line instructions were “spot-on!” This is one of those websites and services that make the internet a better place. I’m so glad to be able to replace the batteries in several toothbrushes and give them a new lease on life!

  10. Alan Harlow (verified owner)

    Great Battery, Great Service.
    I was down to getting two days use (4 brushings) from my Oral B. I replaced the battery using the detailed instructions on this site and after the first charge it ran for 16 days!
    Subsequent charges now go ‘red’ on the fourteenth day which I put down to deficiencies in the charger.
    Have ordered two more batteries to rev up the rest of the family!
    Well pleased.

  11. Niels Holger Nielsen (verified owner)

    My toothbrush is Oral B type 4729. The original battery is 42 mm long, and I fitted this 49 mm long battery in the toothbrush.
    To do this I had to cut away some plastic spacer from the bottom plate with a small knife AND most of the metal coil spring with a diagonal cutter.
    I did this with succes.
    The new battery has far more capacity then the original.

  12. Rory Truman (verified owner)

    Ordered a battery but not received after two weeks, contacted seller and a replacement was dispatched and arrived next day. Reliable seller good product. Also upgraded to 49mm and pleased with result. Excellent customer service, good product so I took the time to recommend with a review

  13. Stephane Cote (verified owner)

    Great service, quick responses, and excellent instructions. Replacing the battery is not a task you can do with your eyes closed, but definitely something that can be done if you’re handy and patient. I received my battery in no time (in spite of the pandemic which seriously delayed AirMail !) Toothbrush is now back online, with more battery life!
    Thanks for helping us saving the planet (one toothbrush at at time!)

  14. Martin W. (verified owner)

    I was looking at getting a new toothbrush because the old one was only lasting 4 days on a 16 hour charge, when I found this site.
    What sold me on getting a new battery was the excellent guides available for the specific models.
    My attitude was either it goes in the bin now or I spend £8 to save £50-£100 on a new one, and if I fail then it’s only cost me a new battery.
    As it happens my old Trizone 3756 now lasts 14 days plus and is every bit as good as a new one

  15. Peter (verified owner)

    Thanks to my trusty braun toothbrush is still going strong a decade after I bought it. I’ve just ordered my 3rd battery for it. You’re not just buying the battery but also acknowledging that they have the repair guide online to allow you to fit it!

  16. Pete N (verified owner)

    Always receive great service from which along with their installation guide helps support our right to repair. I found it well worth the simple upgrade to fit the larger capacity 49mm battery which lasts around 2yrs and, like most things, it does get easier to carry out the replacement each time plus the guide always helps refresh the old memory.

  17. James Shorrock (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions on the YouTube videos and the rebuild of my Oral B toothbrush went pretty seamlessly. Like most people I fitted the larger battery and it works a treat. I get around two weeks use from the 49mm battery which is probably 3 days more than the original.
    I am now going to refurb my wife’s toothbrush so it should be even easier this time.
    Delivery was a little disappointing as it took about five days from ordering but this could well be down to our wonderful post office.

  18. Brian Walker (verified owner)

    I ordered two of the larger batteries for our Oral-B 3756 toothbrushes, which arrived promptly. My wife was only getting a few days from a recharge, so something had to be done. Some people would just buy a new one. But this is not good for the environment. We strongly feel that things should be repaired whenever possible. Your video showed the way to do this. The replacement and slight modification required to fit the larger battery went smoothly. My wife thinks the toothbrush is even better than it was when it was brand new. She feels that it is more powerful. Many Thanks for all of your help and Great Service. Best Wishes from the Emerald Isle. Keep Safe Brian

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