How to repair a Braun Oral-B Wireless SmartGuide

Some of the more “luxury” models of electric toothbrush made by Braun / Oral-B come with a small wireless display called a SmartGuide. The SmartGuide displays your progress as you brush, showing how long you’ve been brushing, which quadrant of your mouth you should be on, flashing up a red warning if you press too hard and rewarding you with a smiling face when you’ve finished 🙂

However, due to the damp environment that the SmartGuides are used in they are prone to internal corrosion which eventually stops them working. The good news is that a faulty SmartGuide can (often) be repaired!

We were going to write this as a full guide to go with our electric toothbrush repair guides but as it’s a less involved process a blog post should suffice.


The blank display of the SmartGuide could just be an indication that the batteries are flat. If you haven’t already done so, try replacing them with two new AA size batteries to see if that brings it back to life. Alkaline batteries are recommended and you can usually get a pack of 4 in your local pound shop – just don’t be tempted by that pack of 20 zinc batteries! Zinc batteries won’t last and they won’t even power-on some devices.


Check that the battery contacts are clean and free from corrosion at both ends. If they are corroded then clean them up by scraping with a sharp knife or rubbing with dry rough tissue or very fine abrasive paper (e.g. 1000 grit.)

braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-battery-terminals-1 braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-battery-terminals-2

No joy from changing the batteries? Well it’s time to open up that SmartGuide and get cleaning! This is the earlier type 3741 SmartGuide so if you have a later, smaller model then the opening procedure might be different.  Undo the screw in the end of the casing using a T-9 size Torx screwdriver.

braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-torx-screw braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-torx-screw-t9

You can now start to pull the casing open. It is held together with some quite strong clips.


Work your way along the casing using an appropriate lever such as a guitar pick, blunt pallette knife or spudger. Be careful not to damage the plastic casing.


Once you’ve separated the two halves remove the PCB from the case.


You can see the corrosion on the gold PCB pad (above) and on the corresponding sprung contact legs.


Remove the corrosion on the legs and the PCB and assess the damage (we used 1000 grit wet-and-dry paper). On this SmartGuide the corrosion on the PCB had eaten all the way through the metal on the pad.


This means that to create a good connection the sprung contact legs need to be bent sideways (together) so that they touch a different part of the pad when reassembled.


If you’re feeling adventurous perhaps some silicon grease on the contacts will slow down future corrosion. Once you’re happy clip the casing back together, insert some batteries and hopefully your SmartGuide will spring back into life.

braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-dismantle braun-oral-b-smartguide-3741-repaired

Don’t forget the screw!

We also publish repair guides for the toothbrushes themselves, so when the battery inside your electric toothbrush is no longer holding much charge take a look at how to replace it in our battery replacement guides section.