Which New Electric Toothbrush To Buy?

As we publish guides on how to repair electric toothbrushes we are often asked, when buying a new electric toothbrush, which models will be easiest to repair or replace the battery in when the battery eventually stops holding a full charge. Below is our current answer to this question, as of 2020.

We would go for an Oral-B (Braun) rather than a Philips Sonicare toothbrush due to the fact that genuine replacement brush heads are available more cheaply and this is the main ongoing cost with electric toothbrushes. The brush heads are usually on offer in at least one of the big UK supermarkets at any given time, and are often half price in Superdrug too.

There are a few currently available Braun Oral-B models. Type numbers are generally not visible on packaging apart from misleading ones and the labelling system can be confusing.

  • Vitality models: Straightforward to repair once you get the handle open, which can be slightly more difficult as the current chargers supplied have no hole to assist in opening the brush. However, it can still be done by sacrificing an old brush head. Also these models do not have the third “dimension” of tooth cleaning i.e. vibrating the head back and forth in the direction the bristles point. This is Oral-B’s cheapest model.
  • The Pro 2 also labelled as PRO 2000: These have one button on the handle. They are the most compact but the battery can still be replaced. Needs fine soldering. These are Oral-B’s mid-range models.
  • Genius and Smart 6: Most expensive, with lots of modes and features. Battery can be replaced once it is depleted.
  • Last season’s Triumph v2 models (types 3761, 3762, 3764) – labelled as ‘SmartSeries’ 5000, 6000, 6500, 7000: These have two buttons on the handle. Easiest brushes to change the battery on. Lots of extra modes and bells & whistles if required. Still fairly pricey. Sometimes labelled as a 5000 (with 2 buttons) but not to be confused with the 1 button version labelled as 5000 which is a Type 3754/3756. Still available from Amazon here.

Don’t forget that if you don’t have a 2-pin shaver socket in your bathroom to plug the charger into you will also need to buy a shaver adaptor plug, which plugs into a standard 3-pin UK mains wall socket and has a fused 2-pin socket on the back of it. Unfused ones are dangerous and do not meet current electrical safety standards.

8 thoughts on “Which New Electric Toothbrush To Buy?

  1. I am trying to get information on repairing an Oral-B 4736.

    1. The Type 4736 is very similar to the Type 3728, for which we have a repair guide here.

  2. I have a Colgate Omron toothbrush, the model with 3 separate operation modes. The Ni-MH battery is dying after just 6 days following charging. Is the battery replaceable? It doesn’t look as though the body can be dismantled.
    Regards, John

    1. Hi John,
      Yes most of the Colgate Omron brushes can be repaired by replacing the battery. Which model number is yours? It should be marked on the handle – something like C200 or A1500.

      1. There is no model number on the handle but it is the A1500 ProClinical. Do you have a set of DIY instructions to match this model?
        Regards, John

        1. We don’t have instructions for the A1500 but I believe that you can open it at the bottom. On Colgate toothbrushes there is usually a screw at the bottom to undo, possibly under a cover. The battery for these brushes is available in our secure online shop here.

  3. Can Braun Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes be commercially rebuilt? Is anyone doing it? I would be glad to pay to exchange mine for a rebuilt one with a new battery- unless the cost would be prohibitive. A lot better than throwing the old one away and buying a new one.

    1. You can certainly send your own toothbrush to be rebuilt with a new battery. Check out the toothbrush repair services here.

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