Shipping & Returns

Apart from a few exceptions, we ship worldwide! Shipping is calculated when you view your shopping cart, based on your country. Click on “Calculate Shipping” at the bottom of the cart page and choose the option you require.

All orders are dispatched from the UK by Royal Mail. Please contact us if you require courier shipping or a bulk order.

Shipping Delays During the Coronavirus Period

We are continuing to process and dispatch orders as normal during the Coronavirus period. However, the local UK postal system operated by Royal Mail and most international postal services are suffering from staff shortages resulting in a backlog of mail which is causing delays. In addition, you will potentially see further delays at your local Customs inspections.

Therefore we are suggesting all customers an additional 7 days to the estimates below to give you an expected delivery time. Canadian customers please allow up to 2 weeks extra due to the extreme backlog there.

Delivery Estimates

Orders sent to UK customers will normally take 2-5 working days depending on whether you choose 1st or 2nd class postage. The latest daily Royal Mail service updates are here under the section titled ‘Royal Mail Logistics Network and Processing Report’.

International orders are sent by Airmail and will normally take 5-21 days to arrive depending on local customs clearance. The latest Royal Mail International service updates are here.


Under the Distance Selling Regulations unused items can be returned within 14 days for a refund. Please contact us for a returns authorisation number and the correct returns address.

If there is a performance issue or apparent fault with your item please see our Customer Support page for some quick solutions to common issues. Do contact us if there are any further issues.

VAT for EU Customers

All orders are sent by Airmail from the UK. Due to the UK leaving the EU on 1 January 2021 some orders sent to EU customers will become liable for VAT when they arrive in your EU country. Many EU countries currently have an exemption from VAT for goods below a certain value, which applies to packages arriving in your country before 1 July 2021. Orders that are valued below this exemption level will not be liable for VAT collection. Below is a table with the VAT exemption thresholds for each EU country. If your total order value is below the threshold amount shown then in theory you should not have to pay any VAT if your order arrives in your country before 1 July 2021. For packages arriving after 1 July 2021 all exemptions are removed and all packages will be liable for VAT and possibly a processing fee at your local customs centre. You can pre-pay your VAT for faster customs processing by waiting until after 1 July 2021 and then purchasing through our Ionic Industries eBay store here.

CountryVAT Exemption Threshold until 1/7/2021
30 Leva (approximately €15)
160 Kuna (approximately €21)
80 kr. (€10.70)
€0 (no exemption)
€0 (no exemption)
€22 (VAT amounts of under €10 are not collected)
0 kr (no exemption)

Information in the table above is for your convenience only. Checked on 22/12/2020. Errors and omissions excepted. See official EU information for details. Valid only until 1/7/2021

If you live in an EU country with a low VAT exemption threshold you could have your order delivered to someone you know in another EU country with a higher threshold. For example, if you live in Sweden (€0 threshold) but have a friend, relative or colleague who lives in Finland (€22 threshold) you could have your order delivered to them to avoid paying VAT and any VAT collection charge. If you are ordering several items and the total is over the threshold you could also split your order into two or more separate orders, each below the threshold. Remember that postage cost is also included in the total by some countries. Rules change on 1/7/2021 and all packages will then be liable for VAT payment at your border. You can pre-pay your VAT for faster customs processing by waiting until after 1 July 2021 and then purchasing through our Ionic Industries eBay store here.

17 thoughts on “Shipping & Returns

  1. Hi,

    Can you ship to Malaysia?


    1. Yes we offer shipping to Malaysia. Customs delays mean that it might take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.

  2. Can i order the charger unit type 3756 Braun Oral-B electric toothbush.
    N2820 Made in Germany F 239 58344

    1. Hi Anthony, You should be able to find a replacement charging unit for your toothbrush through our Oral-B chargers page here. A 3757 charger will work with your Type 3756 toothbrush.

  3. What do you mean you suspend orders? I am in Canada and need a battery for my HX9340.. Is it easier if I purchase from the US. I do not want to pay a lot for customs. Thanks.

    1. Sometimes when delays are long we remove Canada from the list of countries we ship to and you won’t be able to place an order. Aside from that, we don’t send the Li-ion battery for your 9340 outside the UK anyway, due to shipping restrictions. We have links to sellers who can send them to Canada on the product page here.

  4. Hi I live in Australia any problems with postage from UK? I need a battery for my Philips Sonicare Diamond Head toothbrush model No. 9360

    1. Hi June, We ship orders to Australia every week. However, Lithium batteries like those for your DiamondClean cannot currently be sent outside the UK due to courier restrictions. We have links to sellers who can send them to Australia on the product page here.

  5. Can you use a cheaper shipping way to Italy than the royal air mail?

    1. Our Airmail shipping is already the cheapest option, unless you are looking at Li-ion batteries. We don’t currently send Li-ion batteries outside the UK due to courier restrictions.

  6. Hello.
    So I understand that you don’t ship Li-Ion batteries outside UK due to regulations.
    What about Ni-Mh? Are these ok to be shipped internationally? I’m interested in your NiMH 49mm x 14mm Braun Toothbrush Battery.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes all our Ni-MH batteries can be shipped internationally. Shipping cost will be shown once you’ve added the batteries you require to your shopping cart.

      1. Got it, thank you!

  7. Hello. I found very useful your guide. Thanks. What battery type does it need to model # 3761 by Oral-B Braun? I want to buy one. Can you ship to Colombia (South America)?

    1. The Type 3761 toothbrush from Braun Oral B is a v2 Triumph model. You can use our Triumph v2 battery replacement guide to help you open it for battery details.
      We are not currently shipping to Colombia unfortunately.

  8. Hello, i didn’t find the price for shipping to Russia. Is it possible? I need an accum for oral-b 3738

    1. Hi, Yes we ship to Russia. The shipping price will be displayed after you add a battery to the shopping cart. Then you can change the country in the cart to Russia.
      For your Oral B type 3738 you will need a 17mm diameter battery with an offset negative solder tag. Your original battery will be either 42mm long or 49mm long. Please open up your toothbrush to measure the length before ordering.

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