Why Your Braun Oral-B or Sonicare Toothbrush Is Not Charging

We are often contacted by customers whose Electric Toothbrush has stopped charging. A charging problem is quite common and can sometimes be mis-diagnosed as a faulty charger/faulty battery when the opposite is true. This can lead to frustration and people buying a whole new toothbrush when replacing a part is a cheaper alternative.


Below we run through how to tell if you have a faulty battery, a faulty charger or other problem with your electric toothbrush. This applies equally to Braun Oral-B, Philips Sonicare and Colgate Omron rechargeable toothbrushes.

Diagnosing Charging Problems


Is the Charger Working?

Firstly, is the charging light on your toothbrush lighting up or blinking as usual? If there is light activity when placing the brush on the charger then you can assume the charger is working and that the fault lies with the toothbrush itself – either with its internal circuitry or its battery. You can skip to the next section heading if the charging light is working normally.

If no lights come on when you put the brush on to charge, even after an hour on charge, has the charger and/or bottom of the toothbrush been getting slightly warm? In normal use the charger or toothbrush will be slightly warm to the touch after charging for a few hours. If there is no warmth check that the charger is plugged in to the wall socket firmly. If it is, also check the wall socket by plugging a lamp or other electrical item into the wall socket to verify that the socket is live and switched on. You can also try plugging the toothbrush charger into a different wall socket that is known to be working.

Assuming that the wall socket is live, if you have access to a spare charger via a friend, relative, colleague or neighbour then try putting your toothbrush on their charger. You can also try their toothbrush on your charger.

If you have now deduced that it is your charger at fault, head over to our Oral-B chargers page or Philips Sonicare chargers page to find a suitable replacement charger. Otherwise, continue below for help fixing the toothbrush itself.

Internal Toothbrush Fault

There are two main causes for charging faults inside the toothbrush, either damaged components for example from being dropped or from water seeping inside, or a failed battery.

If you have dropped your electric toothbrush or knocked it onto the floor then an internal solder connection might have cracked causing a bad connection. Upon opening the toothbrush handle carefully inspect the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the solder connections to other parts of the toothbrush such as the motor, battery and charging coil. You can find guides to opening your toothbrush on our website. Any cracked solder joints can be repaired by reheating them with a soldering iron. The fine copper wires from the PCB to the induction coil in the bottom of the handle can easily break too.

Inspect the PCB for any evidence of water ingress such as corrosion, staining or crystal formation on either side of the PCB. Philips Sonicare brushes in particular have very fine tracks on the PCB which are easily damaged by corrosion. New Sonicare PCBs are available through our Sonicare parts page along with replacement seals to stop future water ingress.

Over the years the performance of your toothbrush’s internal rechargeable battery will gradually deteriorate. This means that you will get fewer brushing sessions out of a charge and will need to recharge the toothbrush more frequently. Once you find you are recharging the toothbrush too often it might be time for you to replace the battery in your toothbrush. We have published photographic guides for replacing the battery in various Philips Sonicare, Braun Oral-B and Colgate Omron toothbrushes in the Guides section of our website here, so take a look at replacing the battery in your toothbrush to restore it to full power again.


If you need to use a toothbrush repair service we have a dedicated page here to help you find a suitable solution.

Finally, if you decide that your toothbrush is beyond repair or it is prohibitively expensive/complicated to do so, we can help you decide which new toothbrush to buy to replace it using our best new electric toothbrush page.

125 thoughts on “Why Your Braun Oral-B or Sonicare Toothbrush Is Not Charging

  1. Good morning,
    My sonicare wasn’t charging. The light flashed a few times but and then stopped illuminating. Just replaced the battery and still no light. Any ideas? I’m in the UK. Do you do a repair service if I can’t find the problem?

    1. It sounds like there could be internal water damage to the circuitry on the PCB. What is the HX number marked on the bottom of your toothbrush handle?

      1. This is a toothbrush and will be placed very close to water and contact with water, so water damage would be least to worry about, the manufacture should be seriously do something to solved this problem.

        1. The brushes do have rubber seals at both ends but over time these can harden and split. Always store your brush on its side with the head removed when not in use so water cannot seep down past the seal.

        2. Can we replace the battery in a oral b Braun electric toothbrush on it’s own

      2. I have bought two new tooth brushes within the last month and neither will charge!,
        The first one just stopped and wouldn’t charge and the the second toothbrush also has no flashing light what so ever.
        I have bought a new adaptor and tried all the sockets in the house.
        I have been using this type of tooth brush for years and have never had any problems!
        Neither tooth brushes have been dropped.
        What am I supposed to do?.

        1. These will be under guarantee both from the shop you bought them from and the manufacturer. Return them to the shop you bought them from. Which model of toothbrush are these?

        2. My new oral b won’t charge, no lights etc. do Imhave to remove anything from the charging point on the toothbrush to make it happen.?

          1. Some models don’t have any lights on them (including the Vitality models with Type numbers 3708, 3709, or 3710) and some take an hour of charging before they light up.

      3. Can a 3728 toothbrush be charged on a 4729 charger ? It is flashing will it fully charge ?

        1. Hi Joyce, this should charge fine.

    2. Have had my oral B tooth brush for 2 years and just stopped charging what do I do

  2. my sonicare is not holding a charge. The model number on the bottom of the toothbrush is HX6210-02 150504 3A. I always clean and wipe it after every brush. Thanks, Bart

    1. It could either be a failed battery or it could be water damage to the PCB inside the handle. Inspect the PCB by opening the toothbrush. The Sonicare HX6210 toothbrush should open up in a similar way to the DiamondClean model here.
      The battery needed for your HX6210 is available from our secure online shop here.

    2. My sonic care tooth brush is brand new out of box and will not charge on my charger or my husbands not sure how to fix this or if I can get a replacement

      1. Christy, it might take up to an hour before the flashing light starts after putting it on charge. If you have no joy take it back to the shop you bought it from or contact Philips as it will be under guarantee for at least a year.

  3. I am on charger and brush # 2. In the last 6 months. Both brushes work perfect but… the chargers just keep dying. The last 1 i had for only 3 weeks before it just won’t charge either brush and it was charging both. I took it straight out of the box and it has sat on the same spot on my sink. It was only plugged in 1 time over night and that was the first night i got it. Other then that, only a couple hrs here and there as needed. What should i do?

    1. Can you take the charger back to where you bought it? Otherwise, make sure you buy a genuine Oral-B replacement. A used charger might be a better bet if you can only get third-party chargers where you are.

  4. After the battery is charged, the brush immediately discharges after 1s. Battery replacement did not help. After checking the old battery, it was found to be OK. What could be the problem.

    1. The problem could be the charger, or a break in the fine copper wires inside the toothbrush connecting the charging induction coil to the circuit board. There could also be water damage to the circuit board.

      1. My Oral-B Braun is flashing the Bluetooth light when on the charger, but not when off the charger, and it doesn’t turn on (doesn’t work). I’ve never used a phone app with it.

        1. There could be water damage to the circuit board.

    2. Put my brush on the charger for the first time and left it on over nights but the light is still flashing. I have not kept my receipt or box!

      1. It can sometimes take 24 hours or more to fully charge. What is the 4-digit Type number marked on your toothbrush handle?

        1. How long is Sonicare toothbrush supposed to last? My was going fine then suddenly not charging

          1. Does the charging light flash at all? If not it could be the charger at fault or there could be water ingress that has damaged the internals of the toothbrush.

  5. I am in Goa in India and we had a problem with our electrics,a faulty plug caused a short across several appliances including my toothbrush charger.Do I have to replace the charger or can it be repaired,or can it damage the toothbrush itself which is still working

    1. Hi Keith, if the charger is no longer working then unfortunately they can’t be repaired internally as the circuitry is sealed in resin. Have an electrician check the mains AC plug and cable, and replace them if that is the issue.

  6. I bought Braun toothbrush and realised I had to buy a shaver adaptor too. I don’t have shaver socket in my bathroom so needed to plug it into a standard 3-pin UK wall socket using the adapter.

  7. Philips Sonicare – the 9xxx series. Stopped charging. Took apart, and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Placed it “naked” (out of it’s case) on the charge stand, and it started charging. When I then inserted just the bottom “plug” it rests in when in it’s case, and placed it back on the charger, it stopped charging. So on the charger, I removed the clear plastic holder, and placed the toothbrush, in it’s case, on the charger, and it started charging.

    Looks like the distance of the induction coil at the bottom of the brush into the electric field generated by the charger has all of a sudden made a difference – does this mean the battery needs changing? I otherwise can’t find anything wrong with the toothbrush. The same thing occurs when I use my wifes charger. And yet her toothbrush charges fine and doesn’t need to be closer to the base of the charger.

    Any ideas?

    1. The proximity thing could be a red herring. The real issue could be a loose connection/broken wire from the charging coil to the PCB (inside the brush).

  8. does anyone know what is the output voltage of the Braun 3731 wall adapter? i.e. which voltage runs on the cable from the wall adapter to the stand? The most likely cause for a non working charger is the wall adapter part, since the rest is just passive components. In principle, if the wall adapter role is to step down from – say – 220V 50 Hz to 12V 50Hz, then it is easy to replace it.

    1. I think the frequency is different, for the purpose of inductive coupling. Maybe in the order of kHz. You’ll probably need an oscilloscope to measure that!

  9. So helpful, thank you! Toothbrush is now working and my boyfriend is super impressed!

    Good tip about soaking the handle before trying to take it apart so that it opens more easily.

  10. My toothbrush charges and holds the charge but the light never turns green now. Does the battery need replacing?

    1. What is the type number marked on the toothbrush handle and how long does the battery last for after a 24 hour charge?

      1. The #3738 and it only lasts for 60 seconds and then needs to be recharged.

        1. Yes that sounds like it needs a new battery. See our Triumph v1 toothbrush repair guide here for details on how to open your type 3738 and measure the original battery.

  11. I encountered my second case of the same issue (as first case) recently. The same situation. A oralB 3000 toothbrush (with its own charger) and oralB 1000 (with it’s own charger). The battery for both toothbrushes are just fine. The issue is that these brushes will fully charge up when the battery is pretty-much drained (ie. toothbrush out of charge and no longer spinning).

    Once fully charged, I can use these toothbrushes as normal. But putting them back on the charger does not make them charge back up to full charge. Instead – even if the next day when we remove the toothbrush from the charger – we can only use the toothbrush for say a couple of days —- and the toothbrush will just run out of charge while in the middle of using it.

    At this point —— putting the toothbrush back on the charger for a long enough time will recharge the battery fully again. And then the same cycle repeats itself. I’m thinking there’s a reliability issue in the charging circuit (inside the toothbrush, not the charger itself) —– for example, one of those tiny surface mount components, such as a surface mount capacitor, has gone out of specs.

    The problem is —– the toothbrush works (somewhat). But a component has obviously failed in the charging control circuitry inside the toothbrush. I think this behaviour has been seen by you and other users before.

    1. Certainly that is the problem i have as well. I am guessing that there are two recharge triggers, one after use (and that has failed) and one if moter stops (that still works). Who knows how you fix this.

  12. My soniccare diamond clean toothbrush is not charging. What are my options?

    1. Hi Marjorie, When you say the DiamondClean brush is not charging, does the light come on when you put it on the charger? Does the light come on when you switch on the toothbrush? How long does it run for?

      1. Hello! I don’t really have the exact name for my toothbrush but it’s called “criss cross action Braun” and the type is #3709. Anyways I read the manual it says that the charging time is 8 hours for 5 days. It worked really well for the first few months. But this week right after charging the toothbrush just stops (completely out of battery) in the middle of brushing. So I charged it for longer and it still does the same. I’m quite worried if its due to water damage as I rinse the electric toothbrush handle. Can you please tell me the problem?


        1. Hello Kelsey, if your brush has failed within the first year you can return it to the shop you bought it from under the guarantee.
          The brushes are waterproof and are designed to survive being rinsed so this is unlikely to be the issue.

  13. After replacement of my Braun Triumph V2, type 3764, battery is no longer charging , coils is intact and good soldering joint .
    Any thought would be helpful?

    1. As well as checking the charger itself, run through the charge/discharge cycles to reset the battery meter as shown here.

  14. I just purchased the Oral-B 600 and started charging it yesterday. It’s been over 24 hours and the charging light is still blinking. What should I do please?

    1. If it’s still blinking after 48 hours see how many days you can use it for before it needs charging again. Then if it still doesn’t stop charging after 48 hours take it all back to the shop you bought it from as it’s faulty. The charging circuitry should shut off automatically once the battery is full. This normally happens after 12-24 hours.

  15. After charging my toothbrush, the red light started flashing again so I put back on the charger. Green light flashed for a while, then stopped. Used brush and red light flashed again. Now it has lost all charge. Used a different charger which made no difference. Do I need a new battery, a new toothbrush or a new charger?

    1. What is the make and type number/model number of your toothbrush?

  16. If the bottom of the toothbrush is warm, what is the issue? The lights on the toothbrush are not coming on.

    1. It sounds like a fault inside the toothbrush – either the circuitry or the battery.

  17. Braun toothbrush, #3766, was on charger this morning and just before I went to brush my teeth, I realized the green light was flashing, fast. It was not the steady rhythm of re-charging. I last used the brush last night around 9:00 pm. I am not sure why this happened and am worried about fire. Ideas?

  18. Having return from holidays my wife and I both used our toothbrushes with the remaing charge, when we came to charge both have failed. Tried different chargers, different adapters and alternative sockets. No change. Mine now flashes the charge light bwgen I press the button, but not movement, just dead. Coincidence?

    1. Hi – both my husband’s and mine toothbrushes have the same issues. Did you manage to rectify the fault?

  19. Hi, looking for advice; I’ve replaced the battery in my braun 3756 and it worked well until the battery ran flat; it won’t re charge. Ive re soldered the coil wires but, when unsoldering during the replacement I snipped off the section which curls around the plastic posts down stream of the junction with the pcb. Is that the cause, or is it likely that I have overheated the pcb and damaged it….?

    1. Hi Rob, have a run through the tips on our troubleshooting page.

    2. My Bruan 3766 when I tried to use it the red light flashed and it would not work and would not charge. I took apart for a new battery but decided to check the battery which is good and when shorted it the battery is good, any idears

      1. Have you tried charging it with another charger? Also check that the fine copper wires from the coil inside the handle are still connected.

  20. I bought a Braun Oral B rechargeable toothbrush at a premium price, thinking of the convenience, benefits to the environment etc. I could have bought four replaceable battery units for the same price. I charged it once and the second charge was a fail. I tried different plugs etc. Then I check the net to see all the problems you have with this product. One of your solutions asks if the light on the charger goes on. My charger base has no light so that doesn’t help and no I didn’t drop the toothbrush or base and only the head of the toothbrush has been near water Then you instruct the customer to take the toothbrush apart and check the battery. (really??..it’s brand new) Why would a company like Braun put such a deficient product on the world market is my question? What a huge disappointment to a once proud and trusted company. Have you moved all your manufacturing to third party? Do you seriously not have a quality control processes in place? Have you stooped to using inferior parts for the benefit of profit? Shame on you Braun, you’ve completely lost your Brand Pride which will ultimately erode your customer base. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately we are not Braun or Philips. If your new toothbrush is faulty you can return it to the shop you bought it from or contact the manufacturer.

    2. Well said. On my second replacement from new one. Now i need to take it back to the shop yet again to get 3rd replacement. Always same problem. Light flashes but never puts any charge at all in toothbrush. Left on for days but light still flashing. Tried different chargers and plugs but no joy xx🙄

  21. My hx682 had a failed gasket where the brush head connects, and water was allowed into the main chamber. Since then the charging light blinks quickly but does not charge the battery. Will a new battery fix the issue, or is it a bigger issue due to the water damage?

    1. Water ingress can corrode the fine PCB tracks and components so if there is any corrosion this can be the issue rather than the battery. New circuit boards are available via our Sonicare parts page.

  22. Have an Oral b type 3728.
    Changed the battery.
    Is charging and the blue light flashes.
    The problem is that I do not know when it is fully charged as the flashing light is not changing to a steady light, as earlier.
    What has gone wrong?

    1. Hi Peter, a new battery might take 24 hours to fully charge. We also have some troubleshooting tips on our customer support page here.

  23. I have been through 2 tooth bushes both only charged maybe once or twice. I’m do frustrated right now. How can they make such crappy products.

    1. What brandname were these brushes? If they fail soon after purchase they can be returned under warranty to where you bought them.

  24. I had a problem with a bunch of defective chargers. I bought an Oral B electric toothbrush. The charger worked for maybe 12 minutes, then the light went out.
    So I thought, “I’ll go back to Target and get another one of these, because they’re great toothbrushes. (From my very short experience with it). And I’ll just use the charger to charge both toothbrushes.”
    Well this charger worker flashing one toothbrushes light for about 12 minutes, then it stopped working.
    So I thought.
    “I’ll go back and get the cheaper one, for $40, nd surely that charger won’t be defective.”
    But when I got back to Target, I saw the cool white travel Oral B electric toothbrush, so I bought it.
    Thinking I would have like 3 electric toothbrushes. But at least surely this charger would work.
    Yup. Same story.
    Well I’ve got 2 black smart ones. And one white one. And none of the chargers are flashing any color.
    One black one will flash once or twice red when I first place it on the charger.
    It would be nice to know exactly where I could buy a charger that works?
    Or some other way to get these things charged.

    1. Perhaps the new toothbrushes are fully charged so after 12 minutes the charging shuts off? Let the toothbrush run until it is flat with no head attached, then give it a full charge for 24 hours.

      1. No the one flashes red for a dead battery. And it’s dead. The other two have never been used. They have the charge they were shipped with. I only used the first one like once. But it was amazing! All my teeth were completely squeaky clean!
        But the chargers are not flashing at all any color.
        What I need is Bill Nye the Science Guy to McGyver a way to charge these things. … where are you Bill when we need you?

  25. I recently moved property and my Sonicare isn’t charging properly at the new property. At the old place we had a shaver socket in the bathroom which charged it on 240 volts, but I’m plugging it into the wall at the new place with an adapter. I’ve tried two different adapters, checked the fuses and both are fine, plus tried 2 chargers as I had a spare from our first brush. Any ideas? Any help appreciated!

    1. Hi Jan, is it possible that the toothbrush got dropped or damaged during the house-move?

  26. I have a Sonicare Diamond Clean that has worked fine the past few years. Recently it stopped charging, meaning no light blinks when it is in the charging stand. Even after several hours. Is it dead or could it be the charger? The only advice on the sonicare website is to check that the outlet is working. Ah, the outlet is working fine.

    1. Have you tried your toothbrush on a different charger? You might have a friend/relative/colleague with a DiamondClean brush. You could borrow their charger and also try charging their brush on your charger.

  27. my toothbrush blinks green when i put it on the charger but never turns solid green and when i try to use it, it doesn’t do anything. it doesn’t even blink red or anything. what could be the problem?

    1. Hi Jessica, this sounds like an internal fault with the toothbrush. The battery is not charging due to either a failed battery or broken connection. If it’s out of its guarantee period you can use one of our repair guides to help you open your brush and inspect it, or you can send it to an independent toothbrush repair service.

  28. My toothbrush isn’t you know brushing or working but it’s fully charged. I did drop my toothbrush a couple of times. How can I repair it?

    1. You can use our toothbrush repair guides to help you open up the handle and check for damage.

  29. Replaced battery in my Oral-B 3766 thanks to your very clear instructions. Toothbrush worked for one use, then low battery light came on and it stopped working. Charged for over 24 hours, no joy. Have tried another charger so don’t think that’s the issue. Opened it up again, can’t see any problems with coil connection.

    1. Are there any signs of water ingress such as staining, corrosion or crystal formation on the PCB?

  30. I have a sonicare hx939L. The handle blinks an amber light and beeps when turned on. It does not charge. The charger does work with a different handle. Can you suggest what the issue is? Thanks

    1. This could be caused by water ingress. Use our Sonicare DiamondClean Repair Guide to help you open up the handle. Check the internals for signs of moisture or corrosion to the PCB and let it dry out for 24 hours. Reassemble and see if it charges/runs. If you need to replace the shaft seal you can buy new seals from us.

  31. hello i have bought a iconic 5500 and then io6 then 5500. i get one charge on them and then they stopped charging. i did 24hr charge on all of them then used them once then tried to charge and nothing. no lights , no charge. im ready to take the 3rd toothbrush back. and look for another brand that has a better track record. or am i doing something wrong on charging

    1. Do you mean the Smart 5500? Anyway, if they are rbn down they should all show charging lights when put on to charge – if not immediately then after 1 hour. If none of them are charging with their own charger I’d start to suspect your wall socket.

  32. Can you replace the battery in: type 3756 F504 52240. Charger is working but not handheld brush. Thank you.

    1. Yes we have a guide to replacing the battery in the Oral-B type 3756 toothbrush on our website here – Oral-B type 3754 & 3756 battery replacement

  33. After a prolonged power outage (7 days) my Oral B type 3765 will not run and will not charge (it was on the charger during the outage). No LEDs when placed on charger or when power button is pressed. Tried a second charger, no diff. Took it apart, battery reads 2.26V. PCB and coil wires look intact.

    1. Hi Brian, it sounds like the Li-ion battery in your Genius toothbrush has failed. A healthy Li-ion battery should not be below 2.8V. We have a guide to Genius toothbrush battery replacement here which should help you repair your toothbrush.

  34. Hi Ionic. I was hoping you might be able to advise/help. My partner and I both have Philips diamondclean toothbrushes – when we charge them in the travel case, the light flashes green and appears to be charging. When leaving to charge overnight the following day, I’ll get a single use out of the toothbrush with no issues but when I come to brush my teeth in the evening the toothbrush battery has run out. The same thing happens to my partners toothbrush. I have mixed up which charging case we use to charge the toothbrushes but the constant has always been the usb cable to the plug. This leads me to deduce that the issue is specifically the usb cable which seems unusual as the toothbrush green light does flash when they are in the charging case. Does this sound a reasonable deduction or do you think it is a similar more inherent issue with both toothbrushes? Any help would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    1. It sounds like the USB cable could be damaged and is reducing the charging current, meaning the brushes are charging really slowly. A cable on its own should be quite cheap to buy, and a generic brand should suffice. Bear in mind that the connector needs to be correct at both ends so take your existing cable to the shop so you can compare. There is further information on our DiamondClean travel chargers page.

  35. Hello, greetings.

    All the LEDs in my sonicare water pick blink 10 times and it does not take charge anymore.

    Any ideas?

    1. This could indicate a fault with the internal circuitry due to water damage, or it could be a failing battery. Have a look at our Philips Sonicare AirFloss battery replacement guide to see how to open your flosser. Then you can check for water damage and measure the battery voltage. Let us know what you find!

  36. My charger won’t work. I’ve bought 3 chargers in the course of 6 months and all of them stopped working after nearly 2 months of use.

    1. Are these genuine Braun/Philips chargers with one of those manufacturer’s names marked on the bottom?

  37. appears to be a lot of charging issues here and my toothbrush is the same complaint. I have had it less than two weeks and it not longer charges. Not impressed. I have kept it dry so that should not be the issue.

    1. If your toothbrush is only 2 weeks old it will still be under its consumer warranty so you can take it back to the shop you bought it from and ask for a replacement.

  38. No surprise my Oral B has stopped working after less than a month. Same with previous two I made the mistake of buying. Green charger light flashes but toothbrush is dead. Overpriced useless product with minimal advice and help from Braun. .
    Can anyone recommend another brand of revolving brush toothbrush? I’m done wasting time and money on this inferior product.

    1. Hi Lesley, What is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of the toothbrush? There might be an alternative to this model.

  39. I have a bit of a mystery. My Oral B toothbrush was working fine, but after one week at a new house it slowly died. This was surprising since I only had it for a year. Not knowing what the issue was, I bought a new, more expensive Oral B toothbrush. At first it worked well, but again, after a week the new one died. This time it was sudden. It seemed to be working at full power and suddenly it stopped and wouldn’t turn back on. Out of curiosity, I charged the old toothbrush on the new charger and it actually started working again. After a few days I decided to put it back on the charger to ensure it wouldn’t lose power. By the next day, it was dead again! I was able to return the new brush, but I’m afraid to spend money on another one because it seems like something weird is happening in this new house. I’ve never dropped the brushes and I wipe them dry after every use. What could be happening?

    1. What was the Type number or model name of the new toothbrush that you returned? Some models have common faults.

      1. The first model to die was the PRO 300. I upgraded to the PRO 500, which also died. Since my original post, I bought 2 more PRO 300s and they both died. They normally die after about a week, but the last one lasted a couple of weeks. I know the outlet works, because I’ve tested it with other appliances. Does this mean I can no longer use an electric toothbrush??

        1. It sounds like a fault with your electrical outlet so it is damaging or not working with the chargers. Those Vitality toothbrushes (Pro 300 / Pro 500) can take 24 hours on charge for a full charge and should then run for up to 2 weeks with no further charging. Try using the charger with an outlet that is on a different wiring circuit and unplug the charger when it is not in use. You might be getting power spikes on your electricity supply that are damaging the chargers. Do not store the toothbrush on its charger.
          Let us know how you get on!

  40. I am taking my oral b electric toothbrush to Italy , so I bought a few, 2 pin to 3 pin adapters (small 1 amp fuse ) they say suitable for shavers and toothbrushes , tried both at home into mains socket, but neither will charge toothbrush , it’s CE . 250v ac Masterplug . Any ideas ??? Cheers Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, Masterplug are a reputable brand so not sure why the adaptors are not working in your mains sockets. For your trip to Italy you can take one of these 2-pin shaver plug to Europlug adaptors which will fit Italian and other continental countries’ sockets – 2-pin shaver to Europlug on Ebay.

      Please note that as an eBay partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through an eBay link. This does not change the price you pay.

  41. I bought 3 and none of them are charging. I plugged them in all the outlets of the house and nothing….

    1. Which make and model numbers of toothbrush did you buy? Please note that it can sometimes take up to an hour of charging before certain models light up or show their charging status, and some models do not even have charging lights.

  42. Hi, I have oral b io series from usa and I used a voltage converter to charge it in India. The blue rim
    Light flashes and display shows 0% battery but no charging happens. What do I do?

    1. It sounds like either your brush is faulty or the voltage converter is not compatible with your 110V charger. If your iO series brush uses an oval Type 3757 charger you could buy a 230V version of this to use in India. It might be cheaper to buy a whole new Oral-B Vitality brush with charger just to get the charger.

  43. I successfully changed two batteries but the second one started apparently not to hold a charge and not at all now. I have checked my solder connections and having used a multi meter the charge is being held, but the brush is not responding, the charging light flashing as if dead, Any suggestions?

    1. Have you checked that the thin copper charging-coil wires have not broken or cracked? Details are here.

  44. Those wires are fine, but when checking them with my magnifier I chanced to look at the adjacent battery connection and found it detached, Obviously failed to notice before when following your earlier advice and what must have been an intermittent break became permanent.
    Now re-soldered and just had forty + two minute cleans from one charge.
    Soon to replace another battery with one recently purchased from you.
    A big thanks for your wonderful website, also for the tips from other beneficiaries. My own contribution is, when removing the battery case splines for the larger size a small sharp wood carvers gouge or carpenters chisel works effectively for me.
    Thank you.

  45. Hi I bought a brand new toothbrush and it doesn’t work or charge at all and it cost me $200 us and never worked and it’s upset me now for years. is there a way to see what’s wrong with my brand new never used oral b toothbrush. I called oral b and they won’t do anything about it as it’s now passed a few years. it’s always bothered me as never used once and out $200 us

    1. Hi Stu, what is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of the toothbrush handle?

  46. I have a Braun Oral-B 3762 Triumph Professional Care toothbrush (EU version). Since I moved to the USA, I lost the original charger, and I haven’t been using it for a while. I tried using a US 3757 charger, but it did not charge. Any suggestion?

    1. The US-spec 3757 charger should work fine with any version of the 3762 toothbrush. With a discharged battery inside it can take an hour on charge before the toothbrush lights up and indicates that it is charging, and a full 24 hours to be fully charged. It is possible that the battery totally failed during storage so if the brush won’t run after the 24 hour charge then checking the battery voltage will be the next step.

  47. Sorry it’s me again.
    I have tried replacing two more Braun 3766 brushes without success after fixing two others They just don’t switch on or charge. All joints checked etc.
    By chance I found that if the positive connection is linked with the nearest motor point (desoldering wire in error) it operates. Is that poignant?
    Any advice please.

    1. Hi Philip, what batteries did you use in the 3766 brushes? Are you able to measure the battery voltages with a multimeter?

      1. I’m using the correct ones bought from your sister company and show a good charge.

        1. For the 3766 these need Li-ion batteries and after a full charge should show a voltage of just over 4.0V at the battery terminals. If you email us with your order details I can investigate further for you.

  48. Sorry, search as I may can’t find my records for the last battery bought which I have tried in the two 3776 brushes That order was last year. Strangely I can only find the email confirmations for my two previous orders in 2022. Is it possible for your company to check which type I ordered and was sent please.

    1. Hi Philip, I’ve sent you emails with details. Please check your junkmail folder if they don’t appear in your inbox. The 3.7V Li-ion batteries for the Type 3766 toothbrush are available from us here.

  49. I’ve discovered that my Oral B toothbrush charger isn’t working. I think it was due to a power surge. What can I do?

    1. If the charger has failed you can find a suitable replacement on our Oral-B toothbrush chargers page.

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