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Repairing Other Models of Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Over the years here at Ionic Industries we’ve come across many different models of electric toothbrush, particularly from Braun Oral-B. These are some of the less common models we have seen that aren’t already covered in our toothbrush battery replacement guides section:

  • Vitality Sonic – Type 3737
  • Pulsonic Slim – Type 3716A
  • Pulsonic Classic- Types 3722 and 3723
  • Advance Power – Type 4716
  • Philips Sonicare PowerUp – HX3100 series including HX3110
Type number shown on a Vitality Sonic Type 3737 toothbrush

Below are some hints on how to open these toothbrushes and replace their internal rechargeable batteries.

The Vitality Sonic can be opened by putting the brush on its charger and twisting it anti-clockwise a quarter of a turn. The base cap of the Advance Power 4716 also needs to be twisted but by using a flat metal bar or the bottom edge of its charger between the notches in the rim of the handle base.

The Pulsonic models have a screw holding the base cap in place, and once the cap’s removed you can release the catches and slide the insides out. Be aware that the original Pulsonic Classic models had Li-ion batteries rather than the lower voltage Ni-MH batteries used in the Slim version. Ni-MH batteries for the Pulsonic Slim are available from us here.

With the Sonicare PowerUp insert a large flat-head screwdriver in the centre of the base cap and turn it anti-clockwise a quarter of a turn. You can then pry the cap out and release the clips holding the innards in place using a smaller flat-head screwdriver. Batteries for the Sonicare PowerUp are available from us here.

If you need further hints on changing the battery in these models or any others just ask us in the comments section below. Likewise, please tell us your tips and experiences with these brushes and other models!

73 thoughts on “Repairing Other Models of Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

  1. I have a 3737 model without any kind of collar at the brush end. In other words, the mateal shaft emerges straight from the body/handle without passing through any external sleeve. I’ve remove the base but, other than pushing VERY, VERy hard on the end of the metal spindle I dont see how to get the innards out. Is there a trick?



    1. Hi Ed, with the Vitality Sonic there can be varnish around the shaft where it goes into the external collar. If you chip this varnish off you should be able to push the shaft into the housing.

    2. Indeed you are right! the only way to get it out is pushing very hard the tip of the metal shft. The way I used is to hammer the tip very gently so that it gradually sinks.

      1. You might find you have to push quite hard as there is a hidden clip or two inside the handle that need to be overcome. There’s not much give in the handle casing but either squeezing the sides, or the front near where it says ‘Braun’ might help release the innards while pushing the brush tip-first into the floor.

    3. Not sure what model my oral b is, got it along time ago. Need to replace batteries at bottom but cannot easily figure out howto take base off. Looks like it has a small hinge at back of the circular base.
      Not sure what to do as I don’t want to break it. Can’t send you a photo of it. YThx

      1. What is the 4-digit type number marked on the bottom of the toothbrush? You can also use our email address to send in a photo by email.

  2. Hello,

    I have a Philips Sonicare Flexcare HX6950 and would appreciate any guidance you have on swapping the battery.

    Thank you.

    1. The FlexCare models (HX6900 series) have very similar handle casing and internals to the EasyClean models so you can use our Sonicare EasyClean repair guide to replace the battery.

  3. I have a Braun Advance Power 4716 and the battery no longer holds a charge. I’ve got the battery out, it’s a Ni-Cd one, but no mAh marking. All it has is 430LH SAN.
    It is 49 x 14mm, with in-line tags. I can’t trace this battery at all online.
    On your ebay page you have a 700 mAh rechargeable battery, Ni-Cd, same dimensions suitable for a shaver. Not sure my question to you has got through on ebay, so I’m trying again here. Do you think this battery would be suitable as a replacement for my toothbrush please?
    I don’t want to swap to a Ni-Mh one in case the charger doesn’t work properly.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Susan, Yes if your original battery is a Ni-Cd battery you can replace it with one of our Ni-Cd replacement batteries with solder tags, of the same dimensions.

  4. Hi, I have a Philips Sonicare HX5350/02 on which the battery seems to be failing. Can you help me to work out how to replace it please? thanks.

    1. Hi Simon, Your CleanCare looks similar to the old Advance/Essence models. There are some instructions on opening these brushes here. We have Ni-Cd toothbrush batteries available here in our secure online shop.

  5. I have a Salton Ultrasonex Phaser toothbrush. Do you know how to change the battery?

    1. Hi Simon, that’s not one I’ve seen before. Checking for an Ultrasonex Phaser online it looks like it might come apart in the middle somehow – though if gently twisting it doesn’t seem to do anything I’m not sure what method to suggest!

  6. Hello,
    Any help replacing a Sonicare HX6210 battery would very much be appreciated.

    1. The HX6210 probably comes apart in the same way as opening the Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush, i.e. by alternately squeezing the sides together, then the back-and-front together, to make the base cap pop out slightly. It looks like the Sonicare HX6200 series are fitted with Ni-MH batteries so a suitable replacement battery should be available in our secure online shop.

  7. Can the Rota-dent electric toothbrush battery be replaced? If so, What kind of battery? and is there a guide or how-to directions for DIY installation?

    1. Yes the battery in the Rotadent electric toothbrush can probably be replaced, but we have no instructions on how to open it to inspect the battery.

  8. I Have A Braun “ULTRA” Type 4-713 Electric Toothbrush,
    My question is there a replacement battery still available for it?

    1. Yes, many of the type 4713 Braun/Oral-B toothbrushes were fitted with a 56mm x 17mm 2.4V battery. If yours is too then see our Sonic Complete Toothbrush Battery for a potential replacement.

  9. I have an old BRAUN Plak Control Type 4726.
    Open it but the battery has no marks
    It’s an assembly of 2 cells
    this assembly is 56mm x 22mm
    Voltage mesurement : 0.6v (seems battery out of order).
    Trying to charge it (with an external charger), Max voltage 2.83V. I’m waiting for 1 hour.

    Where i can find this kind of batteries, i’m located in France.

    1. Bonjour Fred, yes the Type 4726 is very old!
      We sell a battery pack made of 2 cells for the Sonic Complete and some Plak Control models here. This should fit your toothbrush if you add a little padding around the battery. It is the correct voltage. Recharge it for 24 hours maximum.

    2. Hey Fred, Bonjour as well.

      How did you get the Type 4726 apart? Inquisiting minds would like to know. It looks like I have to break a tab at the back to get it apart.

      1. Did anybody get an answer to how to open the old Braun 4726? I’m losing my mind here ready to take a hammer to it. Or to my head. Grrrr

  10. I have an Oral B Pulsonic (not the SLIM).
    Is there a replacement battery available?
    The original li-ion battery has 4,1 V and 530 mAh. Its dimensions are 43mm x 18mm.

    1. The original Pulsonic brushes (Type 3722) took a 42mm long, 14mm diameter Li-ion battery so you might find that your battery is 14mm diameter. Li-ion batteries used to be rated at their maximum voltage which is 4.1V or 4.2V. Nowadays they are rated using their average voltage which is 3.6V or 3.7V. Either of these is suitable for replacing your Pulsonic battery. They are not available with the studs on the ends but you can often fold up metal tags fitted to a battery into a concertina shape ( /\/\/\/ ) to give a good connection, or solder the tags to the contacts. Our 42mm Li-ion shaver battery should be the correct size for your Pulsonic toothbrush.

  11. I have a Braun Oral B tooth brush Model # 3744. It takes two people to remove the bottom to replace the batteries. Not user friendly. The tooth brush was getting sluggish, so now it doesn’t work. Replaced with new batteries in the correct way as noted on the inside of bottom. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks, Barbara

    1. Is there any corrosion on the metal battery contacts inside the brush? These brushes take 2 AA batteries. Make sure you have used either alkaline disposable batteries or fully charged Ni-MH rechargeables.
      Also see our toothbrush care guide for tips on looking after your electric toothbrush.

    2. If it makes you feel any better, I feel like I am going to break the thing (and get an excellent workout) when I replace the batteries. I have to push down with all of my might against a solid surface to get the case back together. Getting it apart is nearly as difficult. And there is no corrosion.

      1. I’m having the same problem!

        1. When reassembling perhaps lubricating the parts with vaseline will help it go back together more easily.

  12. I have a Oral B Pulsonic. I removed the screw and the cap as described below but I cannot slide the inside out after releasing the catches. What do I do wrong? Please help.

    “The Pulsonic models have a screw holding the base cap in place, and once the cap’s removed you can release the catches and slide the insides out. Be aware that the original Pulsonic models had Li-ion batteries rather than the lower voltage Ni-MH batteries used in the slim version.”

    1. Hi Isabel, the trick is to make sure that both catches are released at the same time. Then you should be able to push the plastic head-connector up inside the casing of the handle to slide the insides out.

  13. I just got a new Pulsonic Slim in a private sale, but box still sealed. It’s charging now (green light ON), but as soon as I lift it from charger it starts to vibrate and can’t switch off – only in the charger it’s off. Is it defect?

    1. That is strange! Did you try to switch it on before the first time you put it on charge? What happens if you leave it on charge for 24 hours until it has finished charging, and then remove it from the charger?

  14. Wow you are fast!
    I just got it a few hours ago. It was totally dead. It’s charging now for maybe 3 hours. I will leave it untouched on the charger now.

    Will the green charge light be off when it’s full?

    1. Yes the light should go out once it’s charged. Let us know how you get on!

  15. Now 24 hour green light is still on. No change. when I take it out of the charger it start immediately to vibrate.

    Can’t switch off, can’t change to sensitive mode. It does make those micro stops every 30 Seconds though.

    I wonder if the tact switch might be jammed. I may take it apart and have look. May hook the battery also to my external NiMH charger. I have some EE background.

    I have some question:
    Can you switch it on while in the charger? (mine can’t)
    What happen if you keep pressing the button while taking it out?

    1. I doubt that you can switch it on whilst it’s charging. Have you tried taking it off the charger then when it is running hold down the power button for 3 seconds? This might switch it off. Perhaps if you dismantle it then disconnect the battery and reconnect it, that might solve the problem. The battery appears to be recharging so that part of it is working!

  16. Now about 60 hours later the charge light is still on. Same error.

    I wonder if the battery might be damaged. The unit was never used and probably in the box for a long time. After unpacking the battery had zero charge.
    I wonder if the brush will misbehave with a too low or too high voltage? So far I did not disassemble it.

    1. The battery sounds like it’s charging okay. If you cannot return the toothbrush for a refund then perhaps open the brush and disconnect the battery. Leave it disconnected for 24 hours then reconnect it and see if the brush behaves correctly.

  17. Not much news, I dissembled the 3714 (not that easy first time!) and did a controlled discharge via a R100. While ~100mV I had a look at the tactswitch – all sides are shorts. I didn’t took it out yet, so I don’t know the resistance of the circuit behind it, but that looks already a bit suspicions.

    I probably don’t have that type tactswitch around. To unsolder may need to take the mainboard completely to avoid plastic melt. I am close to electronics and have the required tools.

    Is there anything known if the switch can be tested on board?

  18. Sorry for the double posts.

    Update on the switch. It seems to work. Open it’s 300 Ohm (with the circuitry behind it) and closed it 0.3 Ohm.

    After total discharge to below 100mV it back to the charger for 24h. The green LED is not lighting so far.

  19. Some updates, again. I didn’t do much with the brush. It’s on the charger stand in a semi-assembled stage.
    Today I took it out and it started again to vibrate – but today the switched worked, I could switch to ‘sensitive’, and then to ‘off’. Sometimes, not always.
    When I manage to switch it off, put it back to the charger stand, take it out again, it will start again immediately to vibrate.
    When I do not put it back on the stand I can use it normally and the on/off/sensitive function works well – as long as I don’t put it back on the charger stand.

  20. Hi. I am trying to replace the battery on a Braun Oral B type 3764 but it doesn’t seem to match the description in your tutorial. This may be because it’s the bluetooth version. Anyway I have the bottom off & the small collar at the top but can’t get the innards to move. Help!

    1. Hi Roger, On the v2 Triumph toothbrushes the innards are held in place by clips at the sides. Pulling the coil out by 4-5mm normally causes the side clips to retract so you can slide the insides out. This might break the coil wires but they can be resoldered. Alternatively use 2 small screwdrivers to release the clips on both sides simultaneously.

  21. Thanks for the reply. I have those clips loose but that doesn’t seem to be what’s holding it.

  22. I have a Braun type 4736 which has stopped working – suspect battery but cannot find the model in your helpful guides. Can you tell me which battery to order and any special tips about how to open. Is it a twist of the base or a lever backwards or something else ?

    I have also sent an email before seeing this page.

    1. Hi Chris, the Type 4736 is almost the same as the Type 3728. See our Type 3728 battery replacement guide for details!

  23. How do I change battery in Phillips sonic are

    1. Hi, You can open up the HX6200 brushes using the first part of our Sonicare DiamondClean opening instructions here. The battery in the HX6200 is different and they are available on our through our secure online shop here.

  24. Hi. I have a 4729 toothbrush and following you guide managed to replace the battery, but with a NIMH version. It was partially charged, so kept working for almost 12-14 days. After that, i placed it on the charger, but no green light (it used to go green after fully charged) and no working 🙁
    What have i done wrong?
    Thank you in advance for the guides and guidance 😉

    1. Have a read through of our troubleshooting tips here. It sounds like it could be the coil wires.

      1. Is there a chance that i have put the battery +- wrong? Could it cause a no charging result?
        I will also read the guide proposed, thank you

        1. If you had reversed the polarity it would either not work at all or would run unstoppably. It sounds like the polarity is fine and it’s more likely to be a broken copper coil wire or a solder bridge/short.

  25. I have an ORAL -B Braun battery operated tooth brush
    First time changing battery had trouble opening final took batteries out
    Fitted new Duracell batteries but cannot push the cover back
    Four people have tried
    Is there any advice

    Ray T

    1. What is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of your toothbrush?

  26. How do I replace the battery in a Waterpik sensonic toothbrush, I can get the lid off the bottom but the contents seem frozen inside.

    1. The insides of the Waterpik Sensonic toothbrush should just slide out once the bottom cap is removed. There might be a small retaining catch but holding the casing and pushing the metal shaft down onto a hard surface should release the innards.

  27. I have a BRAUN Oral B, type 3757 and the instructions to remove battery is to place on charger and twist counter clockwise but it won’t budge. Any clues?

    1. Hi Donna, There is no type 3757 toothbrush. Type 3757 refers to a charger. Please let us know the type number off the bottom of the toothbrush handle itself so we can help.

  28. I have a Braun Oral B 2000S for Sensitive teeth. It has stopped charging. I have swapped chargers, made no difference. The green light comes on but immediately goes off. I assume this means the battery is faulty. The type is 3766. I cannot find any instructions for opening this type. Can you help ?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Julia,
      You might find that internal water ingress could be causing the issue with your brush. You can use our type 3766 & 3767 battery instructions for the for opening your type 3766 to allow the innards to dry out for 24 hours. If this doesn’t fix it and there are no signs of corrosion or water staining you might need a new battery.
      Do bear in mind that the batteries for the older model are a different size, type and voltage from yours so you will need to use our Li-ion toothbrush battery for your brush.

  29. I have Oral B how to remove bottom to replace batteries not listed model no 6MC42 S

    1. What is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of the handle?

      1. 4739

        We had not used the handle in seversl years. However it looks in good shape and perfect for a starting 6- yo new user. I replaced the battery pair and the brush head – from a new 3 pack. There did not appear to be any internal damage either.
        However, no movement at all.

        Any suggestions?

        1. I’m not sure how easy it is to open the Type 4739 (AdvancePower 400 / Plak Control brush) but it could be corrosion on the battery terminals, switch or maybe a seized motor. If you remove the head can you rotate the metal shaft back and forth slightly to free up the motor?

  30. Need to replace batteries (Sonicare 4800 Professional) Model PR-6. Any ideas to access batteries and costs of new batteries?

  31. Hi. How do I get a Braun type 4726 electric toothbrush open to change the battery please.

    1. Hi Joyce, Does your Type 4726 have the big sliding rectangular power switch?

      1. I too have a 4726. It does have a big sliding rectangular switch. Any idea on how to take it apart?

  32. How do I remove the battery on my Phillips Sonicare 6980?
    Is it soldered in? I cannot find any solder points. Thank you, Mark

    1. Hi Mark, your HX6980 FlexCare is very similar to the EasyClean that we cover in our guide here. This will show you how to open it and desolder the old battery.

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