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If you are having problems with getting your electric toothbrush to charge and run correctly after replacing the original battery with one of our replacements please take a look at the following tips.

  1. Make sure you have followed every step in the relevant guide on our website and re-fitted all the parts removed during repair.
  2. Sometimes when a new battery is fitted and the toothbrush is put on the charger it can take an hour or more before the toothbrush registers that is being charged, so the charge indicator might not show up immediately.
  3. Check the solder joints to ensure that there are no dry or broken solder joints and no short circuits or solder bridges on the circuit board. A soldering issue is usually the cause of charging problems and it is essential that you get a good electrical connection otherwise the battery will not charge. Some customers try to fit the battery without soldering so if you have left the old solder tags connected and tried to push-fit the new battery against them this will result in a high resistance connection which will affect the sensitive electronics of the brush. Getting a good solder connection to the battery is essential.
  4. The copper wires from the charging coil inside the bottom of the toothbrush handle can easily and almost invisibly break so check that these are all fully intact and connected. There is a weak point where the wires are soldered to the circuit board so check carefully here. Sometimes with just one wire broken the toothbrush will appear to be charging but it won’t be recharging the battery.
  5. Some toothbrushes, including the Braun Oral-B Triumph models, have a built-in self-calibrating battery meter which gets confused when the battery is replaced. The battery meter will show as ’empty’ even after a full charge and just a few minutes of use. This is because it is still calibrated to the old battery. Switch on your brush and leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted and the motor comes to a halt. Then recharge the brush for 24 hours. Then leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted again. The brush should now charge and run correctly.
  6. Certain newer models including some Triumph v2 brushes seem to have an electronic cut-off which gets confused when the battery is replaced. The cut-off will think that the battery is empty even after a full charge and just a few minutes of use. Switch on your brush and leave it running constantly until the cut-off activates. Then put the brush on to charge for 10 seconds. Then leave it running constantly until the cut-off activates again. Keep trying this cycle of charging for 10 seconds then running until the battery is truly empty. Recharge the toothbrush for 24 hours and the brush should now run correctly.

If you have any questions please post them on our dedicated Customer Support blog page here or contact us.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I’d need to buy 1 piece of the “NiMH 42mm x 14mm Braun Toothbrush Battery”: I’m located in Italy, Milan area, and I’d like to know what is the total price (including shipping) for this item and how long, approximately, it would take to be delivered.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

    1. Salve, The price for shipping one battery to Italy is 2 GBP, so add this to the price of the battery to get the total amount payable. Shipping to Italy by Airmail normally takes 10 to 21 days.

    2. Je suis en France je viens de changer la batterie achetée sur le site Oral B mais attention prix en livres sterling et pensez aux frais de douanes. Donc au total elle vous en coûtera 16€. Malheureusement malgré tout ma brosse ne fonctionne plus. C’est le risque.

  2. How do I replace battery in a oral-B BRAUN 3745 ?

    1. Hi Daniel, The type 3745 is covered in our Triumph v1 guide. See our list of toothbrush battery replacement guides.

  3. Hi,

    Are the prices including VAT? If so, do you take it off for non EU orders?


    1. Hi Adrian, no VAT is charged on any orders as we are small enough to be exempt from charging it. Therefore there is no further discount for non-EU orders.

  4. Great write up.. I replace my battery with minimal issues. On thing i did run into is when I replaced the Spring with the plastic grommet.
    I notice two stainless steel “wires” running on either side of the plastic grommet running thru the housing to the PCB on the other side. i needed to wiggle the wires to get the motor to run.

    the motor would only run when i depressed the motor against it’s housing. A little debugging and i notice that the ss wires are some sort of a kill switch for the motor.

    Any idea what these are for ?


    1. Is this a Triumph v2 toothbrush? Those metal strips are the power connections for the motor. Make sure the solder connections are intact both on the motor and on the PCB.

  5. Hi there!
    I’d like to order a battery for a Sonicare Diamondclean to be delivered to Germany. However, once I proceed to checkout, shipping is calculated as £50 (?!). A letter from UK to Germany usually costs like £1.50 and arrives in a couple of days, haha.
    Unfortunately I can’t check out unless I pay shipping (which currently is £50), so I just wanted to see what’s going on there.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Chris, due to shipping restrictions for lithium batteries we can only send these batteries cheaply within the UK. For international shipping we need to use a specialist courier, hence the high shipping cost.
      We have links to sellers who can send them to Germany on the product page here.

  6. Ordered a battery on January 11. Received it today January 17. Thats fast shipping to the USA.
    Thank you for a job well done. Will be buying from you again.


    1. The Type 3738 was fitted with one of two different sizes so use our Triumph v1 repair guide to help you open the toothbrush to check.

  8. could you please tell me where I can find a repair manual for my Braun 3766 electric toothbrush. On your website you only cover the 3765 brush.
    Kind Regards,
    Ron Byfield.

    1. Hi Ron, you can use the [edit: new guide for Type 3766 here.] You will need a Li-ion replacement battery as available in our secure shop here.

      1. Thank you for the information regarding the correct guide for my Type 3766 Oral B electric toothbrush.
        Kind Regards, Ron

        1. You’re welcome Ron. Don’t forget that the battery in your Braun type 3766 is a Li-ion 3.7V not a Ni-MH 1.2V!

  9. The battery is fully charged, but my triumph oral b does not switch on. I removed the housing and applied power directly to the motor and it works. Tried a new battery, same problem. Is it the switch or pressure sensing system?

    1. There could be water damage/deposits/corrosion on the PCB causing the problem, or the switch might be faulty.

  10. My daughter brought 1 Screwdriver and 1 Battery (Ni-MH) for my Oral-B Triumph v1 model
    3738 from you last month. The new battery can be charged fully after replacement but will
    drain out to empty within 18 hours even without use it. I have followed all your advices in the forum . Any comment will be highly appreciated.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Jong, I have sent you an email requesting some further details.

      1. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will check my mail later.

        Thanks again for your professional service.

  11. V2 Triumph professional care 3762 -I accidentally damaged the ceramic capacitor across the motor. Any recommendations? Couldn’t get any markings details to buy similar replacement .
    Thanks in advance .

    1. The motor capacitor on a V2 Triumph we have here is marked either 223 AJH or 223 RJH. 223 will be the capacity (22000) though I’m not sure what the unit scale is – uF, nF, pF, etc.

  12. Looking for directions to replace the battery in the Sonicare HX6250 model. The battery does not look like the other two replacement guides and so I’m not completely sure what solder points I should use (I can guess but I’d like to be sure). Can you advise?


    1. Hi Matt, the battery for the Sonicare HX6250 and other HX6200 toothbrushes is available from us here. We have no instruction guide available yet but they open in a similar way to the Sonicare DiamondClean brushes. It sounds like you’ve got it open already anyway!

      1. Yep, I have it open already. I just want to make sure what solder points I should be doing. Are they directly across from the end of the battery?


        1. There should be two metal solder tags connecting one end of the battery pack to the PCB. They will extend from the battery pack through the battery holder, through holes in the PCB. These are the two solder points to desolder from the PCB. Make a note of the battery polarity before disconnecting (+/-) and which tag goes to which hole in the PCB. Mark this on the PCB. You can take digital photos to help remember too.

  13. I have a problem with my Oral-B Triumph 3762 after replacement the battery it lost connection with Smart Guide. The brush recharges and works (a little, maybe need some battery-meter recalibration) properly but Smart Guide don’t any responce. How to repair wireless?

    1. Hi Kirill, you might need to re-enable the radio function on the toothbrush itself, or you might just need to re-synchronize the Smart Guide with your toothbrush. Synchronizing instructions are on our Oral B Smart Guide versions page.
      For the Triumph Type 3762 toothbrush you can deactivate or reactivate radio transmission by simultaneously pressing the on/off and mode button for 3 seconds until the radio transmission LED turns off or on in the handle (where it says ‘SMART GUIDE’).

      1. Oh, yes, just as you said, I am pressing two buttons, it beeps, LEDs turns on or off and that’s it. Pressing button on the Smart Guide does no effect on that either. Unfortunately radio transmission is gone and doesn’t want to come back. Is the chip could be damaged? I have no idea how this could happen …

        1. Check the PCB for stray blobs of solder or whiskers of solder. This could be affecting the radio circuitry. Also check that no components have moved on the PCB. It is possible that the chip has failed.

  14. Hi,
    My oral b p2000 type 3766 was not charging . New one, but not used for 2 yrs.
    When I opened the oral b p 2000 3766. I did not find spring.

    Please indicate if the spring is necessary.


    1. The spring inside the Type 3766 should be between the bottom cap and the battery. You might need to leave it on charge for over an hour before the charging light comes on.

  15. I have a DiamondClean HX9340. Can anyone tell me what the ideal gap between the magnet and driver coil should be? This to have the perfect vibrations on the brush.

    1. On the fully working Sonicares I’ve seen there has been an almost imperceptibly small gap. I could only just see light getting through the gap!

  16. I’m looking for a battery replacement on a Phillips sonicare HX6210 140904 18

    1. For the HX6210 and other HX6200 models this Sonicare battery is likely to be the battery you need.

  17. I have a Braun Oral B 3756 and have looked at your guide and I’m rather daunted by the soldering and desoldering required. Do you offer a service to replace these batteries please?

  18. Hello,

    My HX9350 has issues.

    Originally when I pressed the power button it wouldn’t engage. Just a tiny vibration and off, couldn’t select different modes.

    I assumed the magnet touching was the issue, So opened it up and created a bigger spacing.

    My tooth brush won’t do anything now, no power. When it’s been placed in the charging case and I slowly lift it out the leds blink very quickly and then nothing again. Battery is getting to hot when on charge and still nothing when I press the power button.

    Seems a coincidence the battery draining when I was working on it.

    Has anyone had this experience, Is this a battery issue? No sign of any moisture inside the brush or on the board.

    Bit of head scratching. Battery reading around 3.5v on multi metre between soldering points.

    Any other obvious screws which would be loose?



    1. If the brush is getting hot when on charge it sounds like an electric fault. Check that the battery is fitted with the correct polarity, and check the PCB for short circuits caused by stray solder.

  19. Hi,

    I haven’t changed or touched the battery. It was functioning before hand and had a week vibration.

    Altered the magnet spacing, three or 4 days later as mentioned above when I pressed the button I only got a tiny vibrate and off.

    Now I’m getting no sign of life unless I slowly lift it in and out of charging case and the lights blink.

    Should I consider changing the battery or throw the unit in the bin. Little bit frustrating as I was sure I would be a simple fix.


    1. Perhaps it is water ingress that has damaged components or the tracks on the PCB. Check for staining or damage and allow the internals to dry out for 24 hours before reassembling.

  20. Braun BT 3764 electric toothbrush. In drawer for years as not holding charge for any time. Before replacing battery, placed on charger, blue light then two lights flashing. Motor would run for short period only.
    Installed new battery and re-soldered wire from coil. Left on charger overnight but no response.
    Voltage is less than 1 volt. Continuity in motor circuit. No continuity through coil.
    I wonder if I have solved one problem but inadvertently introduced another?
    Any advice welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. There should be continuity across the coil. Check for breaks in the fine copper wires between the coil and where they are soldered to the PCB.

      1. Thank you for this. I re-soldered one end of the coil so break may be within the coil. Will investigate.

        1. HI again.
          Checked charger and its working.
          Scraped and re-soldered coil ends and now have continuity.
          Any suggestions or is it a lost cause.

          1. A light on the brush should flash when the brush is put on the charger. If this isn’t happening then it sounds like a fault with the circuitry. As the brush had been stored for years corrosion might have damaged the circuitry. Sorry I can’t be any more help!

  21. Hello, how much is delivery to Russia?

    1. Current shipping costs will be shown in the shopping basket after you add the items to your basket. More info on shipping is available on our Shipping & Returns page.

  22. I am replacing battery in the Sonicare HS6750. Does the JP1 need to be desoldered/resoldered or just the negative/positive terminals. Thanks

    1. With Sonicare brushes always disconnect the JP1 bridge before any other desoldering for safety purposes. Please see the guide for the Sonicare EasyClean here for a brush with similar internals to yours.

  23. Thanks for the useful guide to replace the battery in the Braun Oral-B Triumph V2 professional Care. After removing the inner workings part out of the casing of the toothbrush, there was humidity everywhere, indeed some a few drops of water over the integrated circuit and rust on the battery terminals. Then, I have doubts if changing the battery makes sense now. Could you give me any suggestion about it?

    1. Hi Luis, If you let the inner workings dry out for 24 hours you can then reassemble it. Charge it for 1 hour then see if it will switch on and run for a few seconds. If this works then a new battery will probably restore the toothbrush. Also read our toothbrush care tips so that moisture won’t enter the toothbrush in the future.

  24. Hello, installed the 49mm in my Braun 3756 and after soldering the last lead it powered up and cant turn off? any suggestions?
    I had to unsolder a lead to turn it off. the power switch feels hot to touch, not sure if that is normal?

    1. Ron, This can happen if the battery is installed with reversed polarity or if there is a fault or short circuit on the PCB. Check that the battery is fitted the right way round and inspect your solder joints for shorts.

  25. Triumph V1. First thing I bought from Amazon in 2007.
    Replaced battery after threatening to do it for years.
    1 discharge cycle, a long way under spec. Tried agin and the battery had come to life almost full rated capacity .
    Third time was up to full capacity.
    FItted fully charged battery and the toothbrush didn’t like it much. Display was on but just showing some lines.
    Fixed by disconnecting +ve battery from circuit board then refit display then resolder battery +ve.
    Toothbrush now lasts several weeks from 3-4 days. It does, however go down to 1 bar quickly, despite running it dead flat and fully recharging a few times, but that is probably messed up calibration somehow.
    Very happy, wish I did it years ago.

    1. Glad that the battery is working well! To recalibrate the built-in charge level meter in your v1 you’ll need to charge the brush fully for 24 hours then, with the head removed, let it run constantly for an hour or two until the battery is discharged.

  26. Hello, I am looking for battery for my brush philips sonycare. I saw on my battery this numbers:
    Battery MFG Sony
    POHC P/N 423501019641

    Can you tell me do you have battery for my brush?

    1. Hi Stefka, Our Sony 3.7V Li-ion toothbrush battery is the matching replacement for your toothbrush. Available through our secure online shop here.

  27. Replaced the battery in an Oral B Triumph V2, all good including initial test. Charged toothbrush for 24 hours, showed full charge and ran for a short period before stopping. Will start when on charger then run for 30 secs and cut out, red LED shows when running, unable to stop with on/off button during 30 secs of running. Can deplete battery by repeating this cycle multiple times but no change following full charge again.

    1. Hi Gary, you mentioned that you are unable to stop the brush with the on/off button, which points towards a fault with the circuitry. Check the PCB for signs of water damage (staining, corrosion, crystal formation) and for any stray blobs or whiskers of solder.

  28. I was supposed to receive my battery on March 6th. Still no battery. Can you help me?

    1. Cory, we have emailed you about your order.

  29. I upgraded the battery in my 3756 Braun. In desoldering the wires on the rhs of the pcb, the pads lifted off. I bridged on to adjacent contacts.
    On reassembly it charges ok, but initially, then after a couple of days the red led at the top stays on faintly. It lights fully in use and went out when fully charged.
    The current draw will reduce the charge cycle time. Any ideas where my mistake was? I have seen a couple of comments on the YouTube video.

    1. Hi Anthony, the wires at the side of the PCB are for the LED. These can be left disconnected rather than connected elsewhere if this is causing current draw or rogue illumination.

      The LED activation comes from the pressure sensor signal which is soldered to the PCB between the motor connections. Check that this connection is intact and not shorting to any other pads. If this is left disconnected the brush might think the pressure is too high so will permanently slow the motor and send power to the LED connections.

  30. I would like to get a 49mm x 17mm Braun Oral-B Battery with Offset Tag – GP, rather than the 42mm one I got from here several years ago, just to get longer between charges, but it’s showing as not in stock. Can you tell me when it might become available please?

    1. Hi Richard, these should be available again within the next month.

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