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If you are having problems with getting your electric toothbrush to charge and run correctly after replacing the original battery with one of our replacements please take a look at the following tips.

  1. Make sure you have followed every step in the relevant guide on our website and re-fitted all the parts removed during repair.
  2. Sometimes when a new battery is fitted and the toothbrush is put on the charger it can take an hour or more before the toothbrush registers that is being charged, so the charge indicator might not show up immediately.
  3. Check the solder joints to ensure that there are no dry solder joints where you have soldered. Solder joints should be clean and shiny. Check that there are no short circuits between tracks or joints and no solder bridges or stray blobs of solder on the circuit board. Bad soldering is usually the cause of charging problems and it is essential that you get a good electrical connection otherwise the battery will not charge or run correctly. Some customers try to fit the battery without soldering so if you have left the old solder tags connected and tried to push-fit the new battery against them this will result in a high-resistance connection which will affect the sensitive electronics of the brush. Getting a good solder connection to the battery is essential.
  4. The copper wires from the charging coil inside the bottom of the toothbrush handle can easily and almost invisibly break so check that these are all fully intact and connected. There is a weak point where the wires are soldered to the circuit board so check carefully here. Sometimes with just one wire broken the toothbrush will appear to be charging but it won’t be recharging the battery.
  5. Some toothbrushes, especially the Braun Oral-B Triumph models, have a built-in self-calibrating battery meter which gets confused when the battery is replaced. The battery meter will show as ’empty’ even after a full charge and just a few minutes of use. This is because it is still calibrated to the old battery. Switch on your brush and leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted and the motor comes to a halt. Then recharge the brush for 24 hours. Then leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted again. The brush should now charge and run correctly.
  6. Certain newer models including some Triumph v2 brushes seem to have an electronic cut-off which gets confused when the battery is replaced. The cut-off will think that the battery is empty even after a full charge. Switch on your brush and leave it running constantly until the cut-off activates. Then put the brush on to charge for 10 seconds. Then leave it running constantly until the cut-off activates again. Keep trying this cycle of charging for 10 seconds then running until the battery is truly empty. Recharge the toothbrush for 24 hours and the brush should now run correctly.

If you have any questions please post them on our dedicated Customer Support blog page here or contact us.

19 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I’d need to buy 1 piece of the “NiMH 42mm x 14mm Braun Toothbrush Battery”: I’m located in Italy, Milan area, and I’d like to know what is the total price (including shipping) for this item and how long, approximately, it would take to be delivered.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

    1. Salve, The price for shipping one battery to Italy is 2 GBP, so add this to the price of the battery to get the total amount payable. Shipping to Italy by Airmail normally takes 10 to 21 days.

  2. How do I replace battery in a oral-B BRAUN 3745 ?

    1. Hi Daniel, The type 3745 is covered in our Triumph v1 guide. See our list of toothbrush battery replacement guides.

  3. Hi,

    Are the prices including VAT? If so, do you take it off for non EU orders?


    1. Hi Adrian, no VAT is charged on any orders as we are small enough to be exempt from charging it. Therefore there is no further discount for non-EU orders.

  4. Great write up.. I replace my battery with minimal issues. On thing i did run into is when I replaced the Spring with the plastic grommet.
    I notice two stainless steel “wires” running on either side of the plastic grommet running thru the housing to the PCB on the other side. i needed to wiggle the wires to get the motor to run.

    the motor would only run when i depressed the motor against it’s housing. A little debugging and i notice that the ss wires are some sort of a kill switch for the motor.

    Any idea what these are for ?


    1. Is this a Triumph v2 toothbrush? Those metal strips are the power connections for the motor. Make sure the solder connections are intact both on the motor and on the PCB.

  5. Hi there!
    I’d like to order a battery for a Sonicare Diamondclean to be delivered to Germany. However, once I proceed to checkout, shipping is calculated as £50 (?!). A letter from UK to Germany usually costs like £1.50 and arrives in a couple of days, haha.
    Unfortunately I can’t check out unless I pay shipping (which currently is £50), so I just wanted to see what’s going on there.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Chris, due to shipping restrictions for lithium batteries we can only send these batteries cheaply within the UK. For international shipping we need to use a specialist courier, hence the high shipping cost.
      Try this eBay seller instead.

  6. Ordered a battery on January 11. Received it today January 17. Thats fast shipping to the USA.
    Thank you for a job well done. Will be buying from you again.


    1. The Type 3738 was fitted with one of two different sizes so use our Triumph v1 repair guide to help you open the toothbrush to check.

  8. could you please tell me where I can find a repair manual for my Braun 3766 electric toothbrush. On your website you only cover the 3765 brush.
    Kind Regards,
    Ron Byfield.

    1. Hi Ron, you can use the 3754 guide for help in opening up your Type 3766. The battery is different, however. You will need a Li-ion replacement battery as available in our secure shop here.

      1. Thank you for the information regarding the correct guide (3754) for my Type 3766 Oral B electric toothbrush.
        Kind Regards, Ron

        1. You’re welcome Ron. Don’t forget that the battery in your Braun type 3766 is a Li-ion 3.7V not a Ni-MH 1.2V!

  9. The battery is fully charged, but my triumph oral b does not switch on. I removed the housing and applied power directly to the motor and it works. Tried a new battery, same problem. Is it the switch or pressure sensing system?

    1. There could be water damage/deposits/corrosion on the PCB causing the problem, or the switch might be faulty.

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