Braun Oral-B Toothbrush Chargers

Over the years various models of charger have been supplied with, and are available for, recharging Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes. In this guide we take you through the different charger models and which toothbrushes they are compatible with, along with where to buy a replacement toothbrush charger.


If you’re just quickly looking for the latest and most widely compatible charger to work with your Braun Oral-B toothbrush, click or scroll down to the Type 3757 charger section below for info and where to buy it.

The input voltage of the replacement toothbrush charger you buy must match your domestic electrical system, as should the plug unless you wish to use an adapter. More on charger plug types below.

Please note that as an eBay partner we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not change the price you pay.

A Note on Type Numbers

All Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes and their chargers have 4-digit type numbers marked on them. The type number of your toothbrush and the type number of your charger are independent and do not necessarily match. Confusingly, they used to match to some extent but in recent years they have diverged and are now independent of each other. This is why in the list below sometimes the charger type number matches the type number of one of the compatible toothbrushes and sometimes there is no overlap.

Example of a Toothbrush Type Number
Example of a Charger Type Number

Type 3709 Charger

The Type 3709 Braun Oral-B charger was supplied with Vitality toothbrushes marked Type 3709 or 3737 on the bottom of the toothbrush.


Only certain toothbrushes will fit on this charger due to the proximity of the body of the charger to the peg the toothbrush stands on to charge.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3709
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3709, 3737, 3754, 3756, 3766, 3767
  • Available input voltages: 100-120V AC, 220-240V AC
  • Available power ratings: 1W, 1.2W / 1,2W, 1.3W / 1,3W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 3715 Charger

The Braun Oral-B Type 3715 toothbrush charger was only supplied with Pulsonic Slim toothbrushes. These are the only toothbrushes that will work with this charger and have the type number 3716, 3716A or 3717 marked on the toothbrush handle.


This charger will not work with the standard Oral-B Pulsonic toothbrush.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3715
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3716, 3716A, 3717
  • Available input voltage: 100-130V AC
  • Available power rating: 2W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 3731 Charger

This Braun Oral-B charger is unique in that it has the high-voltage to low-voltage conversion circuitry contained within the electrical plug and a low-voltage cable connecting it to the charging stand. The Type 3731 charger was only supplied with Triumph V1 Professional Care toothbrushes, which were marked with the Type numbers 3731, 3738 and 3745 on the bottom of the toothbrush handle.


The top picture above shows the Europlug version and the lower picture shows the UK shaver-plug version with its electrical specification printed on it. The Type 3731 charger is universal voltage (100-240V AC) and it has a velcro strap to keep the cable tidy so it can be considered a travel charger.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3731
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3731, 3738, 3745
  • Available input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 2.2W / 2,2W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 3733 Charger

The CrossAction charger, marked Type 3733, was only available with the Oral-B CrossAction Rechargeable toothbrushes.


Available in both white and blue to match your CrossAction toothbrush the replacements are hard to find but are still available in good used condition.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3733
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: CrossAction Rechargeable
  • Available input voltage: 100-130V AC
  • Available power rating: 2W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 3746/3747 Charger

Pulsonic toothbrushes from Braun Oral-B came in both the original Pulsonic (non-slim) version and the Pulsonic Slim version. These brushes were supplied with slight variations of the same Type 3746 charger which was also fitted with slightly different plastic shrouds to the top to support the toothbrush. As you can see in the photos below, they look quite different with the shrouds in place:


But once the shrouds are removed you can see the difference is that the latching mechanism on the shroud is taller on the Slim version (right.) Also, the original Pulsonic version has a peg (left) for the Pulsonic toothbrush to sit on whereas the Pulsonic Slim version only has a slight dimple.


Also note that the Slim version is slightly taller at the back to accommodate slots for wall-mounting the charger.


These chargers are universal voltage (100-240V AC) so can be considered to be travel chargers suitable for taking away on trips. Make sure you buy the correct variation for your toothbrush so that it has the correct shroud fitted as the shroud must match your slim/fat Pulsonic toothbrush. The shrouds are not interchangeable.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3746 or Type 3747
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3716, 3716A, 3717, 3722, 3723 (depending on shroud)
  • Available input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 1.2W / 1,2W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 3757 Charger

By far the most widely supplied charger, the Type 3757 works with many different models of Braun Oral-B toothbrush.


Small and compact, it is understood that this charger automatically shuts itself off and goes into standby mode once it detects that the toothbrush has finished charging. This is to save electricity. The Type 3757 is still available new all around the world with the correct plug and input voltage for your home.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 3757
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3708, 3709, 3710, 3737, 3753, 3754, 3756, 3761, 3762, 3764, 3765, 3766, 3767, 3771, 3772, 3776, 3794, 4717
  • Available input voltages: 100-130V AC, 220-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 0.9W / 0,9W
  • Available to buy new or used here:

Type 4725 Charger

The Type 4725 charger was supplied with the Plak Control Travel toothbrushes from Braun Oral-B. As you might expect from the name of the accompanying toothbrush, these chargers are universal voltage (100-240V AC) so can be considered to be travel chargers suitable for taking away on trips.


The Type 4725 charger has a ridge down the front of the peg that the toothbrush stands on.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 4725
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 4716, 4725, 4726
  • Available input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 1W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 4726 Charger

This charger was supplied with the matching Type 4726 Plak Remover / Plak Control toothbrush and includes a wall mounting bracket so the charger can be fixed to your bathroom wall.


The Type 4726 charger has a ridge down the front of the peg that the toothbrush stands on.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 4726
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 4725, 4726
  • Available input voltages: 100-120V, 100-130V, 220-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 1W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 4728 Charger

The Type 4728 charger has a ridge down the front of the peg that the toothbrush stands on. This charger comes in several variations and colours. Standard height in white or blue, wall mount mid height or tall tower with built in storage for brush heads.


The Type 4728 charger was also supplied with the Interclean flosser Type 3725.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 4728
  • Fits toothbrushes/flossers marked: Type 3725, 4712, 4713, 4716, 4725, 4726, 4728, 4731
  • Available input voltages: 100-120V, 100-130V, 220-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 1W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 4729 Charger

This charger was supplied with various different toothbrush models until superceded by the Type 3757 charger. The Type 4729 charger was available in several configurations including as a standard height charger, wall-mountable or with a brush holder built in.

Tall Version of Type 4729 Charger with Brush Storage

Amongst other models, this was the charger supplied with the Sonic Complete range of toothbrushes as well as the Type 3728 and Type 4729 brush.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 4729
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3709, 3728, 3737, 3754, 3756, 3765, 3766, 3767, 3771, 4717, 4729, 4736
  • Almost fits toothbrushes marked: Type 3761, 3762, 3764 (brushes require slight modification)
  • Available input voltages: 100-130V AC, 220-240V AC
  • Available power ratings: 2W, 2.4W / 2,4W
  • Available to buy here:

Type 4733 Charger

This wall-mountable Type 4733 charger was supplied with certain AdvancePower Kids toothbrushes.


Available in various colours including blue and purple.

  • Type number marked on charger: Type 4733
  • Fits toothbrushes marked: Type 4733
  • Available input voltages: 220-240V AC
  • Available power rating: 2W
  • Available to buy here:

Other toothbrush chargers not covered here include the Type 3755 that comes with the Genius X toothbrush, and the Type 4736, 4727 and 4804 chargers.

Some of the markings on Braun Oral-B chargers include:
828 F
Hecho en Alamana
Hecho en Alemania
Hecho en China
Hencho en China
Made in Germany
Made in Hungary
Made in China
Personal Hygiene Appliance

Plug types – including Australian, US/North American/Japanese, Europlug, UK shaver plug, etc. coming soon!

Ever wondered what’s inside your Braun Oral-B toothbrush charger? Check out our article here.

Do you have a charger with a Type number not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

154 thoughts on “Braun Oral-B Toothbrush Chargers

  1. I cannot find my charger for my (older model) Braun Oral B “Type 4712” (“Braun 908”). Those words are around the base of the instrument, which also has “CE NC-Accu” on the side. Help. I see none on this website for Type 4712.

    1. It looks like a Type 4728 charger would fit your Type 4712 toothbrush. It has a spline up the front of the peg that the toothbrush sits on.

  2. Is there a charger for multiple toothbrushes? I own 4 Vitality ones and shuffling around the brushes on the charger is annoying.

    1. The only official one I’m aware of was supplied with the old 4727 duo toothbrush set, but this went out of production years ago. Perhaps you could make a stand to fit 2 or more chargers wired together?

  3. Can one use a US-voltage (100-130V AC) on a European toothbrush, which typically charges with a 220-240V AC charger?

    I ask because I’ve just moved back to the States, and the EU charger I have doesn’t work as it is the wrong plug settings (and of course the voltage too high).

    I was considering buying a US-voltage charger (100-130V AC) but before I do so I am wondering if this would actually charge up the EU toothbrush properly, given it usually handles the 220-240V for a charge?

    I’d welcome any input you may have, thank you for your consideration of this (rather bespoke!) request 🙂

    1. Hi, you can put the same toothbrush on a 230V charger in Europe or on a 110V charger in North America and it will charge correctly. It doesn’t matter which charger the brush originally came with.

      1. Hi, But is there a difference between the US bases /chargers and the European ones?
        The writings on the bottom of the base is different ( 100-130V in US, 220-240V in Europe). Users reported that they have used the us charges in Europe with only plug adapter and no current converter. I suspect that the bases are pretty much the same worldwide. can it be checked? does anyone knows if it is true?

  4. Which new type brush ie 4000n, 2500 will charge on 4720 base. I like the storage just need new brush.

    1. Hi Eileen, do you mean the Type 4729 charger? All current year 2020 Oral-B toothbrushes will work with the 4729 charger. I recommend the SmartSeries 6000 or 6500 as detailed on our new toothbrushes page if you want the extra features, or one of the Pro 2 (Pro 2000) models which are often on offer.
      Please note that it’s best to store your brush on its side with the head removed to prevent water from getting inside the handle. Also, only put the brush on charge when the battery is nearly empty. Don’t store the brush on permanent charge.

      1. Yes I did mean 4729 charger with lots of storage and small footprint. Thanks for that. 6000 and 6500 a bit pricy, are they nearest to my original brush? Just a thought do any oral b toothbrushs have adjustable power or just fixed for applications?

        1. The Pro 2 (also called Pro 2000) is most similar to your original 4729 toothbrush. It has 2 speeds and comes in different colours and they come with different types of brush head included. The 6000 and 6500 mentioned earlier have more speed settings.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful guide!

    In 2015, I purchased the Oral-B Braun Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush in the UK. (This model has now been discontinued.) I used the toothbrush regularly for a year — until mid-2016 — but then misplaced its charging stand. So, after the brush’s existing charge ran out, I couldn’t recharge it. I still retained the toothbrush handle and brushes.

    Now, I live in the US. This past Christmas, I found this old toothbrush handle at my parents’ and brought it back with me. My roommate has an Oral-B electric toothbrush (purchased in the States) and I tried “reviving” my toothbrush by charging it on his stand. It did not work (but the red light still flashes, indicating lack of charge).

    Is there anything I can do to get this toothbrush to work again? I know there are several factors against me:

    1. It’s out of warranty.
    2. It has been dormant/dead for more than 3 years now.
    3. It was purchased in the UK, so there may be some cross-compatibility issues.
    4. My toothbrush handle is “Type 3762,” while my roommate’s charging stand is “Type 3757.” I know the two are supposed to be compatible, but is their US-UK difference a problem?

    I just feel wasteful throwing this toothbrush away from an environmental POV. Any suggestions from you would be highly welcome!

    1. Hi! You should be able to revive your Type 3762 toothbrush. They are compatible with US and UK Type 3757 chargers so after 24 hours on charge you might find it runs a little. If not, you can replace the battery using our guide for the v2 Triumph toothbrushes here. Do open the handle before ordering to check for corrosion in case the old battery has leaked and damaged the PCB.

      1. You need maybe 1.2watts charger

  6. I have a triumph professional care model 3738 but I cannot find a charger for it, could you help me?

    1. Hi Jean, your Type 3738 Triumph Professional Care toothbrush is a v1 Triumph and takes a Type 3731 charger. See the 3731 charger section above for details and where to buy.

    2. I have one for sale if you are interested. None on ebay at the moment.

      1. Did you ever sell that 3731 charger?

      2. Can the peg be cut off a charger so I can charge my Triumph on another charger?

        1. The geometry of the induction coils is different between the 3731 charger and the other Braun chargers, so this is unlikely to work effectively. The electrical specification of the induction coils is also likely to be different.

  7. Bought smartseries 6000 but it doesn’t sit fully on my old 4729 base. It does charge. Is it OK to use like this? It’s amazing how slow old brush had got compared to new one. Got extra £10 off the price it was at when you recommended it.

    1. You’re right that the v2 Triumph toothbrushes (types 3761, 3762, 3764) like your SmartSeries 6000 don’t quite fit fully on the 4729 charger. How annoying! However, if the toothbrush fits on far enough so that it activates the charging this should be okay. The only drawback is that it might take slightly longer to charge if the inductive coupling isn’t fully aligned.
      If it is only the plastic lump on the back of the toothbrush that stops it from fitting fully on the charger this could potential be cut or sanded slightly.

  8. Hello I have lost my Braun oral b charger.
    The number on the bottom of the tooth brush is 3754
    On side is NI MN. I can not find these advertised

    1. Hi Fred, for your type 3754 toothbrush you need a type 3757 charger as shown here.

  9. Hi looking for charger type 3765, where can I get it? Thanks

    1. For toothbrush type 3765 you can use charger type 3757.

  10. I have existing Type 3757 charger. I am planning on buying Genius X 20900S dual pack, which ships with two handles but only with one Type 3755 charger. Will I be able to charge Genius X also with my older Type 3757 charger?

    1. Yes the Genius X brushes (marked 3765 or 3771) will charge correctly on a Type 3757 charger.

  11. Where can I get a 3731 toothbrush charger that plugs into a standard wall plug? The one I have no longer works.

    1. The type 3731 chargers are no longer produced but you should be able to find one through the eBay link in the 3731 charger section.

    2. Where can I get a 3731 toothbrush charger that plugs into a standard wall plug. Mine has worn out. I prefer not to order on eBay. Had a very bad experience with them, but so far that is the only place I have seen one. Please help.

      1. The type 3731 chargers were discontinued several years ago so they are only available second-hand. The easiest place to find them is through eBay. You can use an adaptor plug if it does not fit in your wall power outlet.

  12. This morning, upon attempting to use my Braun Oral B Plak Control Ultra electric toothbrush type 4728, which displays a tiny green light as it sits on the base of its charger tower, had melted overnight. Granted this is an earlier model, but can it still be used?

    1. Hi Brenda, if your charger has melted then it is unsafe to use. If the brush has melted at the bottom where it sits on the charger then this might have been caused by the charger overheating. You will likely need to buy a replacement charger. If in doubt get a qualified electrician or repair-person to check them for you.

  13. Just bought a new 1500, can I use the 4729 charger. We like the storage on it.

    1. Yes as long as it physically fits and seats correctly.

  14. I’ve had a lot of oral b brushes over the last 20 years (Now I’ve found you I will try to replace the battery next time, as per your guides). I have several different chargers that will work on my family’s 3767 and 3766 brushes, but they have different wattages from 0.9W and 1.2W 3575 chargers and a 2W one that looks to say 6729 (looks like a 3709). Given the different powers of the chargers, I assume the bigger ones will charge a brush more quickly but will they harm the batteries inside?

    1. Hi Andy, the higher wattage chargers just waste more energy as heat due to their older internal design. They don’t charge the toothbrush any faster. The newer, lower wattage chargers are more efficient in their power conversion so waste less electricity while giving the same output.

  15. Looking at type 3764 toothbrush, on would think that the 3731 charger might work in addition to the type 3757. Is this a dream? (I have five of 3731 and no 3757 and need a new handle….)

    1. Hi Gena, I don’t think the 3731 charger will work with any handles except the Type 3731, 3738 or 3745 toothbrushes. These chargers are quite valuable so you could easily sell a few of them on eBay to cover the cost of a new toothbrush. New brushes come with a new charger anyway.

  16. i have a braun type 4730 which buzzes but without turning the spigot: how can i open it to check whether it needs a new battery?

    1. See our guides to opening various toothbrush models here. The type 4730 is not covered but it will probably open from the bottom.

  17. I have Oral-b i0 type 3758 and require a charger fore it, would you please tell me the name of supplier or any other charger can be used

    1. Your Oral B iO type 3758 toothbrush requires a type 3768 charger. What country are you in?

  18. I have a 3766 toothbrush which is a Li-ion Lithium battery unit and they are 3.7 volt. Is the 3757 charger which is used for the NIMh 1.2volt toothbrushes suitable for this?

    1. The type 3766 toothbrush was originally supplied with 3757 chargers so this will work for your brush. The chargers output high frequency AC and this is regulated to the correct voltage for the battery by the brush’s own charging circuitry.

  19. hello, I want to order—oral B Braun triumph toothbrush 5000 series type 3738 charger only…do you have one? I don’t mind if it is reconditioned? ty..ed guevara from the Philippines

    1. You’ll need a type 3731 charger for your type 3738 toothbrush. These are available through the eBay links in the 3731 chargers section here. Make sure it has a suitable plug to fit your wall sockets.

  20. HI

    I have a 4729 charger 2 watt output and around 5 x 3757 0.9 watt chargers. My new lithium powered toothbrush type 3766 came with a new 3757 charger.

    Should I just bin the 4729? I note you don’t mention this model/charger combo as suitable.

    Since I have very old toothbrushes and brand new ones all supplied with 3757 chargers I think maybe I should dump the 4729. Not sure where it came from or what with but the extra wattage made me think I should keep it? Thanks

    1. Hi Steve, the extra wattage on the 4729 charger relates to how much power it consumes from your mains supply, not the output. Some of this is wasted as heat during charging – more than the 3757 chargers waste. The type 4729 charger will work well with the toothbrush it came with (probably a type 4729 brush). Otherwise you can sell it along with some of your unused 3757 chargers on eBay.

      1. Thank you very helpful. I have a Panasonic irrigator charger , a 4729 & 3757 charger in the bathroom. Be good to get rid of one!

  21. Hi I am looking to buy a replacement charger for an Oral B io9 and cant seem to find it anywhere, can anyone advise where i would be able to get 1 Thanks

    1. The Oral B iO series 7, 8 and 9 toothbrushes have type number 3758 marked on their handles and are also known as iOM7, iOM8 and iOM9 brushes. These type 3758 brushes are charged using either a type 3768 charger or a type 3759 charging case.
      What country are you in?

  22. Hi,
    I have a type 4736 handle with type 4729 charger ( think it was a wall mountable one – but just used as standalone), still perfect working order. Have bought a new type 3766 toothbrush for my grandaughter with type 3757 charger. Are they all interchangeable??. Would prefer to use smaller charger for travel, but don’t want to damage new handle.

    1. In general the chargers are interchangeable but with a few exceptions. The newer 3766 brush should charge on the older 4729 charger fine. The older 4736 brush will charge on the newer 3757 charger but you might find that once it is fully charged the light on the toothbrush will start flickering. I am not sure if this is damaging to the brush or charger and it could be due to the charger wanting to shut off to save energy but it keeps reactivating because the brush is slightly incompatible.

  23. I want braun 3768 charger. How can i buy it?

    1. What country are you in?

  24. Hi I am in Singapore, where can i buy type 3768 charger for io9 please? I do not mind ordering from US or UK if not available locally

  25. Unconfirmed – the part number for io9 charger is 81739985A

    3758 Oral-B Replacement Parts – Encompass › Oral-B › Health & Wellness
    Oral-B 81739985A High Power Charger Na White.

    3758 Oral-B Replacement Parts – › model › ORB3758
    Oral-B 81739985A High Power Charger Na White.

    This looks like the standing magnetic charger for i09 – cannot be sure.

    1. Yes this looks like the internal spare part number for the Type 3768 iO series charger in white with North America/Japan plug, and 81739986A for the black one. You’ll need to verify that these will work on the voltage in your country if it’s not 110V AC.

  26. I have the Braun Oral B electric toothbrush with timer and have lost the cord. It says Type 3710. Which replacement charger should I get

    1. Type 3757 chargers are supplied with type 3710 Vitality toothbrushes, so a replacement type 3757 as shown in our article here is what you need. I’ve updated the list of compatible brushes for you to include the type 3710 brush.

  27. Hi,

    I’m looking for a charger for the braun oral-b aquacare 4 water flosser, can you help with the 4 digit identifier I’d need for that component in the UK?


    1. Hi Matty, for the Braun Oral-B Aquacare Waterflosser (Type 3720) it looks like these need a Type 3726 charger.

  28. I have an old braun wall mounted type 3719 with a 4736 type brush
    I want to buy a vitality 100. Can I charge it on my old base?>

    1. Yes you should be able to charge a new Braun Oral-B Vitality toothbrush on your type 3719 OxyJet flosser/toothbrush system

  29. Hi- I’m looking to upgrade and have seen the Oral B Genius 8000 Dual Handle Toothbrush – as this comes with one charger do you know if I could I use an old 3757 charger my current brush uses? thanks so much ..

    1. Yes I believe so. It looks like the single charger supplied with the dual handle pack is a 3757 too.

  30. I am trying to find a new replacement charger for my Oral B toothbrush type 3772. Which charger should I purchase as a replacement? Thank you!

    1. For the Type 3772 Braun Oral B toothbrush you need one of these Type 3757 chargers.

  31. Which chargers would be compatible with a Braun Oral B toothbrush which says N2820 on the bottom of it?

    1. Is there a 4-digit Type number marked on the back or bottom of your brush? N2820 is an approval certification carried by multiple different models.

  32. Hello
    I have a ORAL-B charger with number 3747
    It says 0.6W, not 1.2W

    Can I use a charger number 3746, that says 1.2W to charge my pulsonic 3717 tootbrush?
    The shroud is interchangeable.

    I ask because we have booth tootbrushes, 3717 and 3716A, and 2 chargers. and when we travel we have to take 2 of those stupid chargers with us. I could only take the shroud…and it would charge faster.

    Or is 1.2W too much for my 3717 tootbrush?

  33. Any cheap tips for the OralB iO brush. I got the handle cheap and don’t want to pay $35 for a OralB magnetic charger. I read that maybe the wireless Qi smart phone chargers might work. Any info on any charger,other than the original that would work?

    1. Try to find either a type 3768 charger or a type 3759 charging case for charging your iO series type 3758 toothbrush correctly.

  34. I have a Braun Plak Control Ultra toothbrush, type 4718, made in Germany. On the bottom it reads L246 made in Germany N2820. I have lost the charger for it. Can you tell me which replacement charger would fit?

    1. Hi Suzan, is your type 4718 toothbrush actually marked type 4713? If so, the type 4713 Plak Control Ultra toothbrush is compatible with the type 4728 chargers.

  35. Have a Braun type 4736 electric toothbrush that is no longer charging. Is there a replacement charger available. The number is not listed. Will any charging base work

    1. Hi Linda, your Oral-B Type 4736 toothbrush (Braun Professional Care) is normally supplied with a Type 4729 charger. I’ve updated the page to reflect this.

  36. Thanks for this helpful site. I am in Canada and have used my 3756 handle while travelling in Europe/UK without any problem by simply using a plug adapter. Recently, I gave my daughter a type 3767 bought in Canada for use in the UK, thinking she would not have any problem. She used it with a UK specific charger, and the toothbrush stopped working due to the different voltage. Does this mean I can charge a 130V toothbrush in the UK using my North American type 3757 charger, but a UK charger is too strong for it? I’m now wondering if I can safely use my toothbrush while travelling in Europe without using a converter.

    1. Hi Kay, it is important to note the input (AC) voltage rating on the bottom of the chargers and to only use them in countries with voltages that match the ratings. A mechanical plug adaptor might physically fit but you might damage the charger if the AC voltages do not match. You might be able to buy a 230V charger in Canada to take to Europe, or buy one when you get there. Regarding the Canadian-sourced type 3767 brush charged in the UK on a UK voltage charger, this will have worked fine. If the brush has become faulty this is likely due to something else such as the battery failing or water ingress damaging the internals.

  37. Will an Oral-B PRO 1000 charge on a 4729 charger?

    Thank you

    1. What is the 4-digit type number marked on the bottom of your Pro 1000 handle? Oral-B used the 1000 model name on various different brushes over the years.

  38. Will a type 3772 brush handle charge on a type 4729 charger? I like the 4729 because it stores on the wall.

    1. Hi Bill, Yes your type 3772 toothbrush should charge fine on the Braun Oral-B type 4729 charger.


    1. [Edit] The Type 3760 is a charging case for certain Oral-B brushes which comes with its own separate adaptor wall plug. The plug has Type 492-5214 marked on it for European markets with a DC output voltage of 12V at 400mA. We will update the article above with details of the type 3760 charging case and its adaptor.

      1. I am also looking for a replacement the charging cord for my 3760 case. please advise how to get one. thank you
        (for usa use)

        1. You will need a charging cord marked with Type 492-5214 so if you use any of the links in the article above and search for Braun 492-5214 you should find a 110V version in the USA.

  40. Hi, is there such a thing as a 12 V version of the 3757 Charger?
    Obviously I know it will take longer to charge if there is.
    Many thanks in advance

  41. Can I use a wall mounted 4279 type charger with a 3772 brush?
    Thank you

    1. Assuming you meant the 4729 then yes the wall-mounted 4729 chargers will charge the type 3772 toothbrushes correctly.

  42. Thanks for the charger info folks. Comprehensive and the best I’ve seen when looking for anything!

  43. Hi,
    The charger of My electric Oral B toothbrush does not work and I’m unsure where I can buy it’s replacement. The type # is 3760 and there is also an additional number in the travelling case : 17081
    Could you please advise?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Judit, [Edit] the type 3760 charging case comes with its own separate adaptor wall plug. The adaptor has Type 492-5214 marked on it for some markets, with a DC output voltage of 12V at 400mA. We will update the article above with details of the type 3760 charging case and its adapter.

  44. Can you cut off the ridge on the charger to make it compatible with a toothbrush that doesn’t have the ridge?

    1. It could possibly be filed down a little but it depends how thick the plastic is and whether it will expose an iron induction core to damp bathroom air. If you want to experiment let us know how you get on!

  45. I do not have a shaving plug so I have to use an adapter. So far I have bought 3 and none of them charge my toothbrush 🙁

    1. This sounds like a fault with your charger or the wall socket rather than with the 3-pin to 2-pin adaptors.

  46. Greetings.

    A bit of a strange one I guess.

    I got the io 6 (I believe) type 3753 brush.

    Which replacement charger would I need?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rob, for your Type 3753 toothbrush (Oral-B iO6) you need a Type 3757 charger.

  47. I replaced my old brush as the battery would no longer hold charge. This was a type 3756 with an NiMH battery and type 3757 charger.
    The new brush is a type 3772 with a LiON battery and a 3757 charger.
    While these both came with a 3757 charger the old charger is 1.2W and the new one 0.9W.

    My question is: can I use either charger on either brush? Will the 1.2W of the old charger harm or – more likely perhaps – reduce the life of the new brush’s Li-ion battery?

    1. Hi Rick, you can use either 3757 charger with either brush. The difference in wattage just reflects the changes made to the internal circuitry of these chargers to make them more electrically efficient i.e. the lower wattage charger wastes less electricity as heat.

  48. Is it safe to use third-party 3757-replacement chargers that are USB-powered?
    The advantage would be that those use a USB cable, and thus can be used anywhere in the world.

    1. In terms of electrocution risk they will likely be safe to use as they only run off 5V. Whether they put out the correct strength and frequency of inductive field to charge your brush is down to the individual manufacturer of the charger.

  49. they go bad, 1 year and is done dont waste money or time on these toothbrushes, they are excellent for the teeth but not for the wallet.

    I have had 5 and is alwyas the same problem table charger stops working just take it in for warranty

    1. If you leave the chargers plugged in all the time this will shorten their life. They will be vulnerable to damage from glitches, surges and spikes in the electrical supply. Always unplug the charger when it is not in use.

  50. This is a very helpful website. I have a Braun 3757 toothbrush purchased in Canada and is good for 110/120V only. I travel to Europe and Asia about once a year and I find carrying/using an adapter inconvenient and I only need it for the toothbrush charger. Nothing else. Can I purchase a universal charger that will work on 110/240V for my 3757 toothbrush? I will be in Dubai, Singapore and Australia in January.

    1. Hi Ted, I don’t think Braun make any suitable chargers that are universal voltage, so you unless you buy a third-party USB powered toothbrush charger you will need two Type 3757 chargers – one for 100-120V use, and one for 220-240V use. Bear in mind that you might also need mechanical socket adaptors if the countries you visit have different pin configurations on the wall sockets.

  51. Just for info .I am a computer engineer and found the my Braun toothbrush will charge on a standard QI wireless phone charger !

    1. What is the 4-digit Type number on your Braun toothbrush? Some models are more designed for this than others.

  52. Hi , I have a 3709 toothbrush which has lost its charger. Is there a usb charger that would work with this brush?
    Thanks, Phil (Australia).

    1. There are some third-party USB chargers available for Oral-B toothbrushes. See our in-car toothbrush charging page for details.

  53. Hey, amazing website! so basically, from what I read here, there is no manufacturer difference between the oral- b handles (and the specifications of the li-ion battery inside) only the chargers? if I bought my 3765-handle type on amazon us and it came with 3757-charger and a 3755-stand that suits 110-130v but I have 220v in my country so it’s enough to only change the charger that fits 220v, without using a voltage converter and the handle won’t burn or anything, right?

    1. There is no difference between the handles sold in different countries/voltage regions. Only the charger input specification is different. You can buy a new 220V genuine Type 3757 charger to use in your country and it will charge your North American 3765 toothbrush correctly.

  54. Can a 3757 charger works with oral b 2500 pro

    1. Probably. What is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of your toothbrush?

  55. Will the chargers from my old 3762 Braun work with the new Pro 1000?

    1. What is the 4-digit Type number marked on the bottom of your Pro 1000? Braun used the Pro 1000 name for various models over the years.

  56. I have been frustrated by the fact that Oral-B does not have a 110-240 v charger available. I had a model 3756 (NiMH) handle which came with a model 3757 (110-130v) charger. I did locate a model 4736 (100-240v) charger on eBay that I purchased and used when traveling outside the US. It seemed to charge the 3756 handle without any problems. Now I have upgraded to a model 3772 (Li-ion) handle that also came with a model 3757 charger. I have been unable to find any information about my 4736 charger and am concerned that it might not be suitable for use charging Li-ion batteries. Any advice? (I find it strange that my new 3772 model came with a “travel” case but really is not intended for travel outside the US because of its 110-130v charger).

    1. The Type 3757 charger that came with your new brush is interchangeable with the Type 3757 charger that came with your old brush. There is no difference in output. It doesn’t matter if the brushes were Ni-MH or Li-ion powered.
      Your multi-voltage Type 4736 charger should also work with both toothbrushes.

  57. I left my charger at a hotel, my oral b type is 3794, do you know what charger this takes?

    1. Hi Donald, your Type 3794 Oral-B toothbrush (iO4 model) uses a Type 3757 charger.

  58. Hi. Can I use an older charger type 4729 from older Pro Series brush with new Pro 500 type 3708 or Pro 1000 (don’t know the bush type)?

    1. The Type 4729 charger should work with most newer brushes that physically fit on it.

  59. My oral b brush is 3791 and the charger is3757. The only way the brush charges is when I remove the plug from the wall and reinstall back to the outlet(instead of just placing it on the stand). Why is that?

    1. Are you using the toothbrush until it says it is low battery before recharging, or are you putting it on to charge after every use?

  60. My toothbrush is 3771 fully charged but doesn’t work I’ve tried recharging but still doesn’t work

    1. The Type 3771 Genius models have a common fault that also causes them to blow their internal fuse. The symptom is that the lights come on but the motor will not run. This might be what has happened to yours.

  61. Hi, I purchased handle 3792 which came with type 3757 100-130v from USA. Can it be used with type 3757 200-240v in Thailand? If it can be used, I plan to buy pro2 2000, handle 3766 with 3757 220-240v for using its charger with handle 3792. Thank very much.

    1. Hi,
      Yes your North American Type 3792 Oral-B can be used with a 220-240V version of the 3757 charger in Thailand. As you suggest, an easy way to get the 220V charger is to buy a new Oral-B toothbrush once you arrive in the country you’re visiting.

  62. There is a 1.2w version of the Type 3757 charger.
    We have the 3756 toothbrush that came with a Type 3757 0.9w charger.
    We also have a 3762 toothbrush that came with a Type 3757 1.2w charger.
    The 1.2w one will charge either toothbrush without any problem. However the 3762 toothbrush will not charge in the 0.9w version.

  63. I have a Type 4736 Braun toothbrush which came with a Type 4729 charger. The charger no longer works. which charger do I need?

    1. Another Type 4729 charger or even a Type 4736 charger if you can find one. Either of these should work correctly with your Type 4736 brush.

      1. Thank you. I couldn’t find the 4729 charger so I’ll buy the 4736.

  64. How do I dry out the battery of my 3791 handle?

    1. If water has got inside your type 3791 you can use our 3754 opening guide to help you open up the handle and slide the internals out to dry out for 24 hours. They open in the same way. To prevent future water ingress please see our electric toothbrush care tips.

  65. I have a 4729 charger and two 4736 brushes. The charger works sometimes (blue light illuminates to indicate it is charging), but it recently stopped lighting up and charging. Sometimes it works when I move it to another outlet, but sometimes not, even if other appliances plugged into that outlet work fine.

    1. Perhaps there is an intermittent fault with the charger or its cable.

  66. Amazing and resourceful website!
    Handles: I have 2 handles (Types: 3756 and 3766) bought in the US at 2 different times in the past, which are still working. The 3766 also says Li-Ion. On the other hand, the 3756 says nothing, so I presume it has a NiMH battery?
    Chargers: They each came boxed with a charger labeled 3757. However the bottom of one charger says 110~130V AC 0,9W while the other says 110~130V AC 1,3W.
    Question: I would like to buy a 220 ~ 240V AC charger for use when I travel to UK/EU. Does the wattage matter? Should I just look for a 0.9 W charger? what is current? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Oscar, glad you found the website useful. Check that both your toothbrushes charge on the 0.9W charger – in theory they should and the wattage should not matter. The easiest way to get a 220V charger is to buy a whole Oral-B toothbrush when you get to Europe – Vitality models are usually the cheapest – as they will come with a 220V-240V charger. Note that chargers bought in the UK and Ireland have a 2-pin plug that is not compatible with outlets on the rest of the continent. They only work in ‘shaver sockets’ that are fitted in many UK/Ireland bathrooms. A charger bought on the continental mainland will normally fit UK/Irl shaver sockets, however.

      1. Do appreciate your guidance and will look for a Vitality model (handle + charger pack) next time when I am in the EU.

  67. need a replacement for my broken toothbrush OralB Pulsonic charger, which is of type 3746.

    I live in the Netherlands, which is 220V current.

    Do you have any tips on how to obtain a replacement charger?


    1. Hi Mathijs, keep checking on Ebay NL for the chargers – you can use this Ebay NL link: Pulsonic chargers

  68. I have a wall mount 4729 charger that I like the storage and not having to deal with a counter mount charger.
    Bought a 3791 toothbrush with a 3757 charger. Can I use the the 4729 charger with the new 3791 brush?

    1. Yes that should work fine but don’t store the the toothbrush permanently on charge. Only charge it once it has run down. When not in use store the brush lying on its back with the head removed to prevent water ingress.

  69. Is the type 4729 charger compatible with the current IO series toothbrushes?

    Background: I have to replace an old Type 4736 toothbrush, but the wall mounting feature for the charger is no longer available. In my house, the wall mount is really essential.

    1. Only with some iO series brushes. Looking at Oral-B’s website, models up to and including the iO6 should fit on your 4729 wall-mounted charger (iO3, iO4, iO5 and iO6 models). These brushes come with the standard oval charger with a peg in the middle to stand the brush on. Models numbered iO7 and above use a different, magnetic charger and don’t have the recess in the bottom to fit on standard Oral-B chargers.
      Do investigate your local price for iO head replacements as these can be expensive and standard Oral-B heads don’t fit iO brushes. The new Pro 2 and Pro 3 brushes take standard heads and tend to be good value.
      Please note, don’t store your brush on permanent charge between uses as this can prematurely age the battery. Lie the brush on its back with the head removed so water cannot seep past the seal into the internals.

      1. Thanks very much.

        Just a curiosity question: it sounds as if compatibility issues are only issues of geometry, not electromagnetic compatibility; is that correct?

        1. Yes, that’s the main compatibility issue. Unplug or switch off your 4729 charger when it’s not in use to prolong its life.

          1. Thanks very much.

  70. Can I use a 220-240V charger (Type 3757) for an Oral-B Pro 1000 that came with a 110-130V charger (Type 3757)? I bought the toothbrush in the US. I bought the 220-240V charger for use in 220-240V countries.

    1. Yes. Type 3757 chargers rated for different input voltages will work with the same toothbrush. The induction output from the chargers is the same.

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