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New Repair Guide for Sonicare HX6200 Series 2 Toothbrushes Published


Here at Ionic Industries we have published our latest toothbrush battery replacement guide to help you repair your Philips Sonicare HX6200 Series electric toothbrush. This includes the HX6210, HX6220, HX6230, HX6240 and HX6250 toothbrushes from the Sonicare EssentialClean and DailyClean 2 Series ranges. These are great toothbrushes so are well worth fitting with a new Ni-MH battery to bring them back to full working order.

You can read the full photographic guide by clicking here – Philips Sonicare HX6200 Battery Replacement Guide

2 thoughts on “New Repair Guide for Sonicare HX6200 Series 2 Toothbrushes Published

  1. Hi I have an old philips sonicare model HX6730. It has worked perfectly for many years then suddenly would not switch on. I took it apart using your guide and found that the battery was fine, but the outer push button was not pushing onto the small metal switch on the actual mechanism. I could not see any broken part inside and the push button moves in/out ok. However I cannot get the unit to work after reinserting the mechanism into the body although I have carefully orientated the body correctly. Is there some sort of cap which fits over the inside of the push button to ensure location onto the actual switch?

    1. What happens if you press directly on the metal switch with your finger?

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