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Toothbrush Repairs at Chichester Repair Cafe

Update – The next Chichester Repair Cafe sessions are on the following Saturdays. Contact the Repair Cafe directly for times and location:

  • 28th of September 2019
  • 26th of October 2019
  • 30th of November 2019

Local Event

The Chichester Repair Cafe is holding repair sessions in the centre of Chichester in West Sussex. This is a great opportunity for you to bring along your electric toothbrushes with failed batteries and get the battery replaced by the Repair Cafe’s team of volunteers. You can also learn how to carry out the battery replacement so you’ll be able to do it yourself next time!


Ionic Industries are providing replacement batteries free-of-charge to the Repair Cafe for people who get their electric toothbrushes repaired on the day. Remember to bring your charger too!

For details of the Repair Cafe including upcoming times, location and other repair services available please have a look at their Chichester Repair Cafe Facebook page. Contact details are on their ‘about’ page for contacting the Repair Cafe directly.


2 thoughts on “Toothbrush Repairs at Chichester Repair Cafe

  1. I live in Canada, which is a little far from Chichester. Today is April 29, so your repair day has already passed. Is there a place I can have my electric toothbrush repaired model 3756 Professional care? I listened carefully your tutorial video on “how to replace the battery” (which seems to be my problem since the battery is read and nothing works) but soldering is not my cup of tea and I just could not do it. Tell me if it is feasible and what would be the cost of such an operation. Thanks for getting back.

    1. Hi, we have a list of toothbrush repair services here. Alternatively you can try your local TV or appliance repair shop that does solder repairs, who might be able to repair your toothbrush for you. They might ask you to order the battery separately.

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