Braun Oral-B Triumph Professional Care v2 Battery Replacement

This guide will take you step by step through how to open and dismantle the Braun Oral-B Triumph Professional Care v2 electric toothbrush and repair it by replacing the internal rechargeable battery.

There are two versions of the Braun Oral-B Triumph toothbrushes, the v1 and the v2. The v1 Triumph models have an LCD screen built in to the handle showing battery state and other information as seen on the left in the photo below. The v2 Triumph models have no screen built in but instead have coloured lights as shown on the right in the photo below. Click on the photo to enlarge it:


You can also check the Type number marked on the bottom of the handle:

  • Type numbers 3731, 3738 and 3745 are v1 models
  • Type numbers 3761, 3762 and 3764 are v2 models

Also note the shallow triangular-shaped hole in the base of the v1 Triumph (top photo) versus the deeper hole in the base of the v2 (bottom photo.)

braun-oral-b-triumph-base-type-number-3738 triumph-type-3762-base

This tutorial is for replacing the battery in v2 Triumph models. For v1 models the procedure is slightly different so please see our guide to battery replacement for Triumph v1 models instead. For other toothbrush models and type numbers the battery replacement procedure is different again so please see our other guides to toothbrush battery replacement.

The basic method is:

  • Dismantle handle
  • De-solder old battery
  • Solder in new battery
  • Reassemble handle

This is documented in detail below along with lots of photos. Click on any photo to enlarge it.



We have also created a short video from this guide to Braun Oral-B Triumph v2 battery replacement on our YouTube channel, which you can also watch below.


Any damage to yourself, your toothbrush or anything else is entirely your responsibility. This guide is for professional, educational use only and is offered without guarantee or liability.

Tools / Parts / Equipment

  • Braun Oral-B Triumph Professional Care v2 toothbrush
  • Original recharging base
  • Soldering iron: Electronics grade (about 18-25 watt)
  • Solder: Lead-free silver solder is great for this
  • Solder sucker (also known as a desoldering pump) and/or desoldering braid/wick
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife e.g. scalpel, snap-off, retractable or Stanley type
  • Small flat-bladed screwdriver: 2 to 4mm wide
  • Replacement 1.2V NiMH battery from Either:


To start with, remove any brush heads from the top of the handle and stand the toothbrush, tip downwards, in hot tap water at about 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) for 5 minutes to soften the plastic ring.


Using the screwdriver start to pry off the plastic ring from around the shaft. The ring is stepped so press down into the soft casing to get under the lower edge. Alternatively, you can use pliers to work the ring off using tape inside the jaws to stop them marking the ring.

braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-1 braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-2 braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-3braun-oral-b-toothbrush-upper-sealing-ring-1

Stand the toothbrush in hot tap water again, tip upwards this time, for 5 minutes to soften the seal around the base cap.


Dry the handle with a towel then place it on its charger.


Carefully twist the handle anti-clockwise a quarter of a turn to release the plug inside the cap.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-2 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-3braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-base-cap-turned

You can now try to remove the whole cap. If it won’t release by hand from the rest of the handle, remove the plug then use a screwdriver to lever the cap out slightly and break the rubber seal. In the photos below the screwdriver handle is being pushed away from the camera.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-base-cap-lever-open-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-base-cap-lever-open-2 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-base-cap-opened

Note the white plastic catches inside the handle (arrowed below).


Use a screwdriver to release the catches on both sides.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-catches-clipped braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-catches-open

Slide the inner workings out of the casing of the toothbrush by holding the handle casing and pushing the shaft.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3764-slide-out-innards-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3764-slide-out-innards-2 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3764-slide-out-innards-3 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3764-toothbrush-handle-open

Locate the battery’s positive terminal solder point on the PCB (arrowed below).


And the negative terminal solder point (arrowed below).


Time to get your soldering iron warmed up! Using the soldering iron and a solder sucker (desoldering pump) or desoldering braid desolder the positive battery connection and using a knife lift the metal tag away from the PCB pad.


Do the same for the negative connection.


Turn over the mechanism and carefully lever out the spring and its insulating spacer. You might find it easiest to lever it out from the battery end.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-battery-spring-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-battery-spring-2

Note below how the positive battery tag extends through the gap under where the spring was before going through its PCB hole. If your battery is like this and you’re feeling adventurous you could potentially fit a longer, higher capacity battery to give your toothbrush longer running time between recharges. This would involve trimming away the plastic between spring and battery and cutting the spring shorter. That’s beyond the scope of this guide, however!


Remove the battery from its holder and compare it to its replacement. Please support us with writing these repair guides by buying your replacement battery through our secure online shop here at

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3764-battery-removed braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-battery-compare

This replacement battery is a 42mm long by 17mm diameter 1.2V NiMH with centered tags to match the original FDK battery. However, your toothbrush might have been fitted with a 49mm long battery in which case choose a 49mm by 17mm replacement battery. All of our batteries are fitted with narrow 3mm width solder tags the same as the original batteries. Positive terminals:


Negative terminals:


Shape the solder tags on the new battery in the same way as the tags on the original battery. The double bends give a bit of flexibility in fitting the battery and also help to absorb any vibration when the brush is running but they are not strictly necessary. Fold the tags over the tip of a screwdriver to get tight bends then use scissors to trim the tags to the same length as those on the original battery.


Very carefully start to narrow down the width of the positive terminal solder tag by first snipping into the tag from the side with scissors. Careful not to cut right through! Just go a quarter at a time using the tip of the scissors. Then cut down from the top to remove the piece. You only need to narrow it from one side.


Do the same with the negative tag.


Fit the new battery in its holder, making sure the solder tags go through the holes in the PCB. You might find it easier to insert the battery at an angle, getting the negative tag through its hole first.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-battery-negative-tag-pcb braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-battery-positive-tag-pcb

Starting with the negative one, bend the tags over the edge of their holes and solder them back on to the PCB. Make sure you get good, shiny solder joints because bad soldering is a common cause of recharging problems.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-battery-negative-tag-soldered braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-battery-positive-tag-soldered

Fit the spring and its insulating spacer between the battery and motor.

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-3762-3764-battery-fitted braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-3762-3764-spring-fitted

Plug in the charger and hold the toothbrush mechanism on the charger. The charging light should start to flash within 10 seconds. If it doesn’t go back and check your solder joints are good and there are no stray blobs or bridges of solder on the PCB. Make sure that neither of the copper wires from the charging coil is broken as this is a common cause of recharging problems. In rare cases, especially where the replacement battery is completely empty, it might take an hour or more for the brush to show that it’s charging.


You can test that the motor runs by holding the toothbrush firmly and switching it on by pressing the upper power button (arrowed below).

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-power-button braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3761-3762-3764-lights-up

Slide the innards of the toothbrush gently back inside the handle casing.

braun-oral-b-triumph-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-assemble-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-assemble-2 braun-oral-b-triumph-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-assemble-3

Make sure the shaft is fully protruding.

braun-oral-b-triumph-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-shaft-in-1 braun-oral-b-triumph-3761-3762-3764-toothbrush-shaft-in-2

The clips should engage on the inside of the handle.


Fit the base cap and insert its retaining plug.

braun-oral-b-triumph-3762-toothbrush-cap-fitted braun-oral-b-triumph-3762-toothbrush-plug-fitted

Put the toothbrush on its charger and turn the handle clockwise a quarter of a turn to lock the plug in place. Don’t force it any further!

braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-3 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-2 braun-oral-b-triumph-type-3762-opening-1 oral-b-triumph-type-3762-toothbrush-on-charger

The markings on the plug and cap should approximately line up.


Re-fit the retaining ring around the shaft. You might find a 10mm or 11mm ring spanner useful for pushing it firmly back into place.

braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-3 braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-2 braun-triumph-type-3762-remove-ring-1

You should now have a fully reassembled and repaired Braun Oral-B Triumph v2 toothbrush!


Put the toothbrush on charge for a full 24 hours before use. Please recycle your old battery either at a local civic amenity or at a shop collection point.


Note that the built-in battery meter can get confused when the battery is replaced and it can prematurely show the battery as empty when it’s not. If the battery meter shows as empty after recharging and then using the toothbrush a few times switch on your brush and leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted. Recharge the toothbrush for 24 hours. Then leave it running constantly until the battery is completely exhausted again. This will help to recalibrate the battery meter and the toothbrush should now charge and run correctly.

Please leave any questions or comments about this guide on our dedicated Triumph v2 blog post. We love to hear your feedback!