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Waterpik Flosser Battery Replacement

Over on our sister website we have published a new guide to replacing the battery inside the Waterpik WP-450 water flosser and other similar Waterpik models. You can read the full Waterpik WP-450 battery replacement guide online now.

We are also stocking the new batteries here in our secure online shop so buy your replacement Waterpik flosser battery now!

9 thoughts on “Waterpik Flosser Battery Replacement

  1. My battery and charging problems were solved by spraying the plug and pins with contact spray. Corrosion completely prevents the waterpik from charging I highly recommend to try this first!

  2. Help my water pick is about 2 years old and the part that my batteries go in the little coils broke off (2) of them can I replace e the bottom where the batteries go or should I buy another one? I am on a limited income! Thank you Janice Wertz

    1. What is the model number marked on your Waterpik?


        1. Hi Rick, Your WP-871 toothbrush and the similar WP-860, WP-861, WP-862, WP-872, WP-881, WP-882 toothbrushes from Waterpik will open up in the same way. The older toothbrushes from Waterpik had a groove across the bottom of the handle which you could use a coin or large screwdriver to undo an eighth of a turn. Does your brush have this groove?

  3. How do I replace the battery in a Waterpik SF-01?

    1. For the Waterpik SF-01 and SF-02 toothbrushes, according to the photos linked below there are two triangular catches protruding from the sides internally, near the bottom of the handle:
      SF-01 Internal Photos
      SF-02 Internal Photos
      Looking at the bottom of the brush there are two holes and you might be able to get a tool in there to release the two catches one at a time:
      SF-01 Brush Bottom
      SF-02 Brush Bottom
      Once you get it open you can buy the replacement battery from our secure online shop here.
      Let us know how you get on!

  4. I have the Waterpik toothbrush model no SF-01W. My battery is dead . Can I replace it? Is the battery in the hand held toothbrush part or the base?

    1. Yes the battery in the SF-01W toothbrush can be replaced. It is inside the toothbrush handle. The replacement batteries are available from us here – Waterpik SF-01 W toothbrush battery

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