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New Battery Available for Braun Oral-B iO Series Toothbrushes


We now have replacement batteries in stock for the Braun Oral-B iO series of toothbrushes. These easy-to-replace rechargeable batteries fit the iO4, iO5, iO6, iO7, iO8 and iO9 smart toothbrushes from Braun/Oral-B and are the same 3.7V Li-ion type of battery as the originals. Available now from our secure online shop, buy your replacement Oral-B […]

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Batteries for Philips Sonicare AirFloss Flossers Now Available!


Philips have been producing their Sonicare AirFloss range of water flossers for a number of years, and the internal rechargeable batteries start to lose capacity after a few years of use. Is the battery of the Philips Sonicare AirFloss replaceable? Yes! Replacement Airfloss batteries are now available so you can replace the battery inside your […]

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GP Batteries with Offset Tag for Triumph v1 Brushes

We are now stocking GP variants of the 17mm diameter batteries for Oral-B Triumph toothbrush types 3731, 3738 and 3745 with offset negative tag. Available in either 42mm length or 49mm length these GP batteries have the negative tag offset to fit correctly in the Braun Oral-B Triumph v1 range of toothbrushes and replace the […]

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FDK Batteries now in stock – Just what Braun ordered!

That’s right, we’re now stocking FDK batteries at ready to fit to your toothbrush. So what’s the big deal? Well FDK are the current supplier of rechargeable NiMH batteries to Braun Oral-B for use inside their electric toothbrushes. If you have a Braun Oral-B toothbrush made in the last few years it’s highly likely […]

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Screwdriver for removing LCD Screen on Braun Oral-B Triumph Toothbrushes

At Ionic Industries we’re now stocking a screwdriver for removing the LCD screen fitted to some Braun Oral-B Triumph toothbrush models. Some of these models also come with the wireless SmartGuide. When replacing the battery inside Triumph toothbrushes you need to remove the display (LCD) screen to get access to the solder points on the […]

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New battery in stock for Braun Triumph v1 Models

At Ionic Industries we’re always looking to improve our range of products. We’re happy to announce that we now stock a battery especially tailored to the Braun Oral-B Triumph v1 range of electric toothbrushes, including the v1 4000, 5000 and 9000 series models. With its offset solder tag it will fit right into the battery […]

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New Japanese version of 49mm x 17mm battery now available

Here at we’re always looking to improve the offerings we have for our customers. We can now offer the superior quality Varta brand battery in 49mm length and 17mm diameter. These are made in Japan and as well as being top quality they also offer a huge 2700mAh capacity so your toothbrush will last […]