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New Guide Published for the Braun Oral-B Professional Care Type 3728

At Ionic Industries we want to help our community by providing a range of guides for replacing the battery in a variety of different electric toothbrush models.

We have now published our latest battery replacement guide online, this time for repairing the Braun Oral-B Professional Care Type 3728 models. The type number of your toothbrush is marked on the bottom of the handle.

The Braun Oral-B Type 3728 goes by many different names on the box including:

  • Professional Care 7400
  • Professional Care 7550
  • Professional Care 7850
  • Professional Care 8000
  • Professional Care 8300
  • Professional Care 8500
  • Professional Care 8850
  • Professional Care 8900

Take a look at the full guide here or comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

Braun Oral-B 3728 Professional Care Toothbrush Repair

30 thoughts on “New Guide Published for the Braun Oral-B Professional Care Type 3728

  1. Thank you very much. For the instruction manual.
    Just ordered 2 battery’s from your site. You are cheaper then I can find in Holland even including shipping

    Plannnning to reuse the old solder tags and soldering then on the new battery like some ones reply suggested.
    Thank you very much much cheaper then buying a new brush

    1. Hi Harold, I’m glad to hear the instruction guide is useful. We recommend fully desoldering the old battery first instead of trying to re-use the old solder tags. Happy brushing!

  2. also thank you very much for the instruction manual.
    but i made a little mistake 🙁
    i can’t swith off the electric toothbrush 🙁
    do you have an idea may be what’s wrong?
    many many thanks!
    br wolfgang

    1. Hi Wolfgang, If the brush runs continuously after soldering in the battery there could be a short circuit caused by a stray blob of solder on the PCB or the battery polarity (+/-) could be wrong. Check the battery polarity and examine your soldering for short circuits. Make sure the battery tags are not touching motor terminals or other conductive items. If you could switch the brush on but not off then the switch plate might be misaligned. Remove the inner workings from the handle casing and check the alignment of the switch plate with the actual switch on the PCB.

  3. Excellent guides and service guys! My soldering may not win me any awards but the toothbrush’s back to life and gives quality clean again. Less waste and so much cheaper too!

    Now off to get a spare battery 🙂

    1. Great work Dave, thanks for your feedback!

  4. I opened up my tooth brush (professional care 8500, from 2012) and I found it to have a 14 mm battery. However it appears that you can easily use a dremel sanding attachment to remove the splines inside battery tube and force it to take a 17 mm battery.

    Extending the length of the battery however, appears to be impossible as that spring is nearly fully compressed in the body and would only provide 4 mm if you remove it.

    1. Good to hear about your modification Denny! Inside the spring in the end of the cap there might be a plastic tube which could possibly be cut down to allow a longer battery to be fitted.

  5. I did it like there. Only before my brush gave no more flashing green light. The last few days the green light did not blink, just kept on. But he worked, just after brushing your teeth began flashing red light. The last day light turned off completely, but on the charger. After replacing the brush works half minutes. Light is not on, charge no. What could it be?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jusief, It could be the solder connections of the new battery, or it could be that the copper wires from the charging coil have become disconnected. Check both of these things first.

  6. Do you really need to dismantle more than the bottom
    and the cover/shell to dissolder the old battery.
    take it off put in a new one and resolder the new battery^?

    1. Hi Leif, It makes it easier to remove the PCB as well, but you might be able to manage it without unclipping the PCB.

  7. Thank you for the great manual and perfectly fitted battery!

  8. I did the battery replacement, everything works except the button is a little less sensitive now. Sometimes I have to press it two or three times. The bigger concern is a low volume ticking noise coming from the brush now. I think it is draining power and don’t know what it could be. Any insight? Thanks for this guide.

    1. Hi Anthony, if the button seems less sensitive it could just be that the handle innards are not quite pushed all the way in. Remove the top ring and the base cap and make sure the insides are pushed right in. There could also be a piece of dirt or debris inside the casing blocking the switch. Regarding the constant ticking – that seems to be a ‘feature’ of the type 3728 toothbrush so it’s nothing to worry about.

  9. Just a quick word to say thanks for the perfect guide, every detail covered, spot on!
    Battery was delivered super fast.
    Toothbrush is back up and running more strongly than i ever remember!
    Thanks again!

  10. Braun-Professional-Care-Type-3728-Electric-Toothbrush-Handle

    Was wondering what would cause the brush to move sideways. it is not the replacement brush heads but something with the inner body works. Also is there away to fix it?

    1. Do you mean that the brush head can move side to side without twisting or that the whole head twists on the handle? The white plastic support around the metal shaft can wear causing the heads to fit loosely. Also, counterfeit or 3rd-party heads do not fit as well as original Oral-B replacement brush heads bought from a supermarket.

  11. Hi, I am a woman and I watch your tutorial. It looked complicated with soldering and de soldering. Do You know if anyone from the SF Bay Area will offer battery replacement service.?
    Thanks for your help In advance

    1. Have a look at our list of toothbrush battery replacement service providers for some ideas Loni.

  12. Hi, the guide is well done and went through the process for type 3728. I left it on the charger 24 hrs but I only have a fast red light flashing no green. Any hint on what went wrong? Tks in advance.

    1. It sounds like a connection problem so go through the checks on our customer support page and see if that helps.

  13. Hi ,
    My problem is that the switch no longer seems to switch off. When I put my 3728 on the charger it charges up and LEDs all seem to work correctly but after I take it off the charger on charging is indicated complete, after a minute or so the 3728 starts running and I can’t stop it. Any ideas?

    1. Hi David, that sounds like water ingress. Open up the toothbrush handle and let the internals dry out for 24 hours. Reassemble and see if it turns itself on again. Remember to store your brush on its side with the head removed to stop water getting down the shaft.

      1. Hi sorry for delay in getting back. I have been waiting to judge the outcome of your suggestion. I dismantled the unit from the case but didn’t find too much evidence of water ingress but gave it all a clean anyway. After all I have had this toothbrush since 1999 so not bad , never had it apart and not needed to replace battery, used a minimum of twice a day in places as far afield as Russia, America (North & South) as well as Australia and New Zealand so stood up well. It now fully charged and working as good as new. No need to change battery either. Many thanks.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve just done this replacement. The green light has been flashing correctly indicating the battery is charging but when I press the on button nothing happens. It’s been 5 hours.

    I expected some movement from the motor? Or does it have to be completely charged? Worries I messed it up!


    1. Hi Gordon, run through the troubleshooting checks on our customer support page and let us know if you have any further problems.

  15. Thank you for this excellent guide, without which I’d probably have decided that there was no way to take apart my Braun 3728. I’m now up and running with one of your replacement batteries and everything is fine.

    When trimming the battery tags, I found that a couple of slanting cuts worked OK. This is perhaps easier than making right-angled cuts, with the risk of slicing right through the tab.

    Once I’d replaced the battery there was a worrying moment when I couldn’t start the motor. Perhaps taking out the internals had caused the gear train to jam; at any rate, wiggling the tip of the drive shaft seemed to fix it. Before you reassemble the toothbrush it’s probably worth pressing the switch on the circuit board to check that the motor runs OK.

    I was impressed by the build quality of this 11-year-old toothbrush. There always comes a point where something is not worth the effort of repairing it, and £10 is a fair amount to spend on a battery given that you can buy a new Braun toothbrush for £18. But although this one has clearly seen some wear and tear I reckon it’s good for a few more years yet, and it’s good to keep it out of the landfill.

  16. Thanks for a super tutorial. New battery fitted and a new lease of life for my old brush.

  17. Thanks heaps for the guide (and the new batteries). Because the negative solder tag is hard to get to on this model when de-soldering it, I ended up cutting the old negative solder tag on the battery negative face with a knife, so I could remove the battery and the print board before de-soldering the old piece of the tag left (gave better access to avoid melting any plastic). However, soldering the new battery in the order as described in the guide (meaning everything tightly packed) was easy.

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