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How to Open the Triumph Type 3761, 3762 and 3764 Braun Oral-B Toothbrushes

We’ve been asked a few times for advice on opening up Braun Oral-B’s later v2 Triumph models which have no built-in LCD screen. These Triumph models have Type number 3761, 3762 or 3764 marked on the handle and open up slightly differently to the older v1 Triumph models which have a built-in screen.


We have now published a full guide to opening and repairing the v2 Triumph toothbrushes by replacing the battery. Check it out!

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Before starting it is a good idea to stand the toothbrush handle in hot tap water for 5 minutes (about 60 degrees C) to soften the plastic.

The first step is to put the brush on its charger and twist the toothbrush, using the charger to release the locking plug in the base of the handle.

Now you can pry the base off using a large blunt screwdriver or similar between the base and the handle body (arrowed below.)

Open Braun Oral-B Type 3762 Toothbrush Base Cap

Stand the handle upside-down in the hot water again to soften up the plastic ring around the top shaft. This can then be pried off and the internals of the handle slid out of the bottom after releasing the catches at the sides by the charging coil.

2 thoughts on “How to Open the Triumph Type 3761, 3762 and 3764 Braun Oral-B Toothbrushes

  1. Hey guys,
    Great videos and guides!
    A question, when i turn the plug, is it to the left or right and how much am i to turn it?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, glad you like the guides! The plug in the base of the handle is turned anti-clockwise by about a quarter of a turn to release it.

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