DC Input Plug Size Adaptor for BT Home Hub and Smart Hub


Physical size adaptor to fit the DC power input socket of various BT Home Hub, BT Smart Hub and Plusnet Hub routers.

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This is a physical size adaptor that fits various models of BT Home Hub, BT Smart Hub and Plusnet Hubs and allows you to plug a third-party power supply, DC UPS or DC extension cable into your router.

These adaptors accept a 5.5mm outside diameter by 2.1mm inside diameter male plug from a third-party power supply/UPS. This plugs into the female end of the adaptor. You can then plug the male end of the adaptor into the odd-sized socket on the back of your broadband router.

Compatible with the following broadband routers:

  • BT Home Hub 4
  • BT Home Hub 5 Type A (not Type B)
  • BT Hub 6
  • BT Smart Hub
  • BT Smart Hub 2
  • BT Business Hub 5
  • Plusnet Hub One
  • Plusnet Hub Two
  • Some EE Smart Hub models (contact us for details)

Total length: 41mm

Check the labels on the bottom and back of your router (sometimes under the slide-out wireless details tab) for its model name and power requirements. The adaptors do not alter the voltage, current or polarity (+/-) of the power supply. It is your responsibility to check that the power supply you are using is the correct voltage, current output and polarity for your router. Please note that the adapter protrudes about 30mm from the back of your router once plugged in.


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