Apple Magic Trackpad Replacement Feet


Replacement stick-on feet for the Apple Magic Trackpad 1 (A1339)

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You are buying a pack of 2 clear, self-adhesive feet to replace the original rubber feet on your Apple Magic Trackpad which come out easily but are impossible to re-fit. These are not official Apple items.

These stick-on feet are the correct diameter and height to sit neatly inside the hole left by your original trackpad feet and still be clickable. This means the trackpad will still respond to being pressed down and the feet will still push in and ‘click’ correctly. Ideal for when you have lost or damaged a trackpad foot.

To fit the feet first ensure that the inner metal surface of the trackpad hole is clean. Then peel the foot off its backing and accurately stick the foot in the centre of the hole. Press it firmly into place making sure the foot is not touching the white panel surrounding the hole.

  • Two clear self-adhesive feet
  • Correct height for original Apple Magic Trackpad (model A1339)
  • Colour: Transparent (clear)
  • Not an official Apple product
  • Trackpad not included

Fitting Tips

See our Apple Magic Trackpad foot replacement guide for details.


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