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New Repair Video for Braun Oral B Type 3766 and 3767 Toothbrushes

We recently uploaded a new video to our Ionic Industries YouTube Channel showing how to open up and replace the battery in the Braun/Oral B Type 3766 and 3767 electric toothbrushes. This includes some versions of the brushes sold as the Pro 2, 3 and 4; the Pro 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000; and the Smart 4 and 5.

Check out the new video below, or click to open the Braun Oral B 3766 & 3767 toothbrush battery replacement guide on YouTube.

The video is taken from our full photographic repair guide to replacing the battery in the type 3766 and 3767 Braun Oral B toothbrush.

4 thoughts on “New Repair Video for Braun Oral B Type 3766 and 3767 Toothbrushes

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for starting up this site with the fab replacement parts and guides. I’ve been infuriated by Braun who have been extremely unhelpful in my attempts to find a toothbrush repair! It’s quite vile that companies deliberately produce products to break and I love that someone has decided to do something about it. Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. What a fantastic, easy, informative guide for negating the manufactured obsolescence of Braun toothbrushes, I’ve just given mine and my wife’s 3766’s a new lease of life! Thank you for this!

  3. I have a Type 3731.
    On the side of the toothbrush it says “TRIUMPH Professional Care 9000”.
    After a couple of years I stuck it on charge but the LCD portion built into the handle doesn’t show any action. The charger is functioning because another toothbrush indicates charging.
    How can I replace the battery?
    Which video do I need to see?

    1. We have a battery replacement guide available for your v1 Triumph toothbrush on our website here: Type 3731 Oral-B Triumph repair

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