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New Repair Guide for Braun Oral-B Genius/Smart Toothbrushes

We have just published our latest electric toothbrush repair guide, this time for the range-topping Braun Oral-B Genius and Smart 6 toothbrushes.


These expensive toothbrushes have all the latest features, including bluetooth communication with your smartphone so you can monitor your progress as you brush.

You can now repair these brushes using our Type 3765 battery replacement guide here.

Please leave any hints, tips or questions in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “New Repair Guide for Braun Oral-B Genius/Smart Toothbrushes

  1. Hi,

    thank you very much for this guide! Do you know the maximum battery length that fits in an Oral-B Genius 10000?

    1. Hi Chris, it doesn’t look like you can fit a battery that is larger than the original.

  2. Very informative, thanks for sharing!

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