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New Guide to Replacing the Braun Oral-B Vitality Battery Published

At Ionic Industries we have published a new guide to replacing the battery inside the Braun Oral-B Vitality toothbrush (Type 3709).

The Vitality toothbrushes are Braun Oral-B’s basic range of electric toothbrush and don’t have all the extra features of more expensive models but are a simple, reliable toothbrush and quite straightforward to repair too!

Check out the full guide to Vitality battery replacement here or post a comment or question below.

Braun Oral-B Vitality handle

20 thoughts on “New Guide to Replacing the Braun Oral-B Vitality Battery Published

  1. Thanks I followed instructions and installed the new battery. When I connected the positive terminal to the PCB the motor started working but the on/off switch doesn’t work and it won’t turn-off. Had to disconnect the battery to stop the motor. Any advice?

    1. First off, check that the battery is not connected in reverse (+/-). Some other possibilities:
      The battery tags could be touching something metal such as the motor.
      There could be a stray blob of solder causing a bridge on the PCB.
      It could be the switch. There are two types on the Vitality – they are fitted with either a single electical switch on the PCB or a mechanical switch with two buttons. If yours has the two buttons make sure you’re pressing the correct one to switch it off!
      Other than that, go back and check your soldering and check for short circuits.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Ok So I read a comment above. It appears that I had reversed polarity which causes the motors to spin with inability to switch off.

      I can’t believe Braun didn’t put a simple diode somewhere to avoid the reverse polarity issue. Or a diode rectifier. I expect more for my $25. 😛

      Thanks for your guide.

      I am kicking myself as I threw away a perfectly ok but flat battered Bruan Oral B Triumph (cost me $199!) before I knew about the battery replacement hacks.

  2. I also changed my battery inside the toothbrush. But I cannot start it with button.
    It starts when I touch motor casing and leads on the left side of the PCB. Then it starts to spin and gradually slows down.
    Maybe I burned the element between motor terminals.
    Do you know what that SMD element is?

    1. First check your soldering for short circuits and stray blobs of solder. The component connecting the 2 terminals of the motor is a capacitor. If you think it is damaged you can disconnect it to see if the toothbrush runs without it.

  3. Just done my first battery replacement on 3756 using the longer battery. Had a problem at first when the motor would not stop running. Found I had fitted battery wrong way re polarity !!. Refitted correct way and all is fine and no apparent damage to the other components (phew!). I think this arose because the longer battery looks the same both ways (the shorter battery is very obvious re which way to fit). Next time I marked the battery + & – on the ends and opposite the tabs so they can be seen when assembled. Perhaps this point should be highlighted in your instructions (which are excellent).
    Now for the second 3756 battery replacement.

  4. Hello All –
    Re: Oral B 3709
    Can anybody tell me what the capacity of the original battery is (was!) please? I suspect it was nowhere near the replacement’s 2200mAh.

    1. Hi Ian, if the original battery was Ni-Cd then it would have been between 600mAh and 1100mAh. If the original was Ni-MH then it would have been up to 1650mAh. You can fit lower- or higher-capacity batteries and they will still run and charge fine. The only thing affected is how long they run for before they need recharging again.

      1. Thanks for that. I suspected that the original was a bit weedy. Ian.

  5. Thanks for a great work description! Battery is now replaced, 3709 reassembled and on charging. The only part I had problems with was the initial opening. Since I did not have the grip hole on any of my charging bases, I used the suggested “old toothbrush head and pliers” method. With this method the insides of the toothbrush came loose and started spinning. I resorted to carefully using the pliers directly on the handle tip, which worked out.

  6. Have not actually put a new battery in yet but the dismantling instructions were brilliant.

  7. Hello to all. Thank you for these precious instructions. I replaced 2 batteries on 2 vitality brushes and both do not work anymore! I put them in charge for a whole day. I tried to replace even their batteries that worked badly but nothing, they are dead! What may have happened? The polarity of the batteries is correct and there is no welding dirt.

    1. Are you able to measure the voltages of the old batteries with a multimeter? Get the brushes running with the old batteries, then try replacing them with the new batteries. We have some troubleshooting tips here.

  8. If the original battery is a NI-CD and you replace it with the NI-MH, will the original charger work with the NI-MH battery or will you need a different base charger?

    1. The original charger will charge the Ni-MH battery. There is no automatic shutoff in the Vitality toothbrush so disconnect your charger after 24 hours to extend the lifespan of the Ni-MH battery. Also have a read of our Ni-Cd to Ni-MH battery upgrade info.

  9. Replaced the battery in my 3709 following the excellent instructions, just a quick tip – if you support the repaired internals on the charge base for an hour or so it will get enough charge to test prior to reassembly into the handle.

  10. Re: My brand new Braun electric toothbrush (purchased October. 2019. Head will not vibrate although stem that holds the head vibrates fine. Help before I throw this out.?

    1. Try a different head or take it back to where you bought it as it will be under guarantee.

  11. Nice detail in instructions, but one question. I have a 42 mm battery length. Can I get a direct replacement battery?–All that I have seen are 49 mm. What extra steps are there to using a 49 mm battery in my device? Thanks Jack

    1. Hi Jack, What is the Type number marked on the handle of your toothbrush?
      42mm long batteries of various diameters are available in our online shop here.

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