Why Isn’t It Easier to Replace a Toothbrush Battery?

Why do manufacturers make it difficult to replace the battery in your electric toothbrush?

Braun Oral-B, Philips Sonicare, Colgate (the new player in the market) and others could make it a lot easier to change the rechargeable battery in your electric toothbrush once it stops holding a charge for more than a day. A simple, sealed flap retaining a single drop-out battery would make life so much easier for willing DIY fixers like ourselves to keep our brush handle going for a few more years. After all, you can pay hundreds of Pounds/Euros/Dollars to replace your current brush with the latest model!

Well, I’ll let you into the dirty little secret that manufacturers like to keep to themselves – planned obsolescence. Yes, most manufacturers intentionally design their products to fail after a period of time, forcing you either to repair it or throw away the product and purchase a whole new one. Of course they would prefer the latter as it means more profit for the manufacturer, so repair is made more difficult. At times in history manufacturers have even conspired together to reduce the lifespan of their products, thereby forcing early re-purchasing. See the Light Bulb Conspiracy for more information. Other companies deliberately withhold repair instructions and service manuals and actively prevent their distribution, such as Toshiba and their laptop manuals. Makes you angry doesn’t it?

At Ionic Industries our mission is to reduce the economic and ecological disaster that is planned obsolescence by providing repair guides for electric toothbrushes and supplying the hard-to-find industrial batteries to repair them with.

Happy repairing!

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