Battery Pack Polarity Reversal

Different manufacturers supply their battery packs with the polarity and connections in different configurations. One of the ways that you may find your original battery pack is different from the new replacement battery pack supplied by us is that the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are swapped over. It is imperative that you connect up the new battery pack with the same polarity (+ and – connections) as the original.

The + terminal of the new battery must be connected to the + terminal of your appliance, often marked Battery+, BATT+, B+ or connected with a red wire.
The – terminal of the new battery must be connected to the – terminal of your appliance, often marked Battery -, BATT-, B- or connected with a black wire.

In the photos below we show you how to reverse the polarity of a new battery pack. In this example the positive terminal starts off on the left hand side when the tags are pointing upwards, and ends up on the right hand side.

Carefully remove the black tape from the new pack making sure that the two metal tags do not touch each other:


Use a marker pen to mark a + symbol on the side of the positive end of the cell. This is in case the red sticker comes off and you lose track of which terminal is which:


Bend the metal tags upwards then outwards away from the pack:


Turn the pack over:


Bend the tags upwards:


The positive tag is now on the right with the tags pointing upwards:


You can now use scissors to cut the metal tags to the correct length and narrow them down if necessary. You can then solder the pack in place.

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