Nutri Ninja Blade Replacement Bearings


Replacement high-speed bearings for Nutri Ninja extractor blade assemblies

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You are buying a set of 2 replacement high-speed bearings to replace the originals in your Nutri Ninja which start to become stiff, rough or loose with time. These are not official Ninja bearings but an upgrade that should last longer than the originals!

Why buy a whole new blade assembly when you can just swap out the bearings? To fit the bearings you will need to dismantle the extractor blade assembly. We have some dismantling tips below.

Our top quality bearings are the correct diameter, width and bore to fit the extractor blade unit on the Nutri Ninja Professional, Auto IQ and some other Ninja blender models. These rust-proof stainless steel bearings have an upgraded rubber seal on both sides and are super smooth in operation. Please measure your original bearings to check their size before you place your order.

Fits Nutri Ninja blenders marked on the bottom with model numbers starting with: BL450, BL457, BL470, BL480, BL488, BL490, BL492, BL642, BL682, plus BN495, BN500, BN750, BN800 and some others. Let us know if you have a different model.

Product Details

  • Two stainless steel sealed bearings as pictured
  • Correct size for the Nutri Ninja Professional and some others
  • 19mm outside diameter
  • 8mm internal diameter
  • 6mm thickness
  • Not an official Ninja product
  • Blades and blender are not included

Dismantling Tips

Always wear safety gloves as the blades are sharp. To dismantle the extractor blade assembly hold it with the blades facing downward with the blades wedged across a secured piece of scrap wood. The finned drive plate is made with a left-handed thread so you can then unscrew it clockwise using adjustable pliers/grips. Once you get it apart be careful not to lose the thin washer.


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